From Tokyo

Do you have already plan for your next trip in Tokyo? Shibuya, Asakusa or Shinjuku are parts of the trip? Maybe would you go to Yokohama, or at Mount Takao a few miles away?

Maybe a wide range of guidebooks have already inspired you about some destinations you are interested in? What about experience the tea picking in one of the bigger productions of tea plantation in entire Japan; to go to an earthquake simulator where you could experience high magnitude shocks or to admire one of the biggest seated Buddha statues in entire Japan?  Or do you know about a true fishing harbor in Japan where are fished amazing and delicious Maguro, the Japanese tuna? This fish harbor is not a fish market and totally different from Tsukiji.

Into the metropolitan area of Tokyo, plenty of charming places are forgotten or unknown by foreign tourists. Far away from mass tourism, enjoy unique experiences, in authentic places that preserved the most beautiful traditions. 

That is why we offer you the opportunity to experience excursions in that kind of interesting places. Our tour directors will reveal you all the secrets of those outstanding destinations and will leave you magic and exceptional memories of Japan that you will engrave in your heart forever.

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【Half day(Morning/ Afternoon)】The Seven Deities of good fortune pilgrimage in Asakusa

Collect stamps of good luck in your travel diary at Asakusa

1From ¥4,800

【2 days】Shukubo, Experience "Takigyo (water ascetic)" + Visit sake brewery in nature

【Okutama】Nature in Tokyo. Hiking and Ascetic Meditation under the Waterfall

2From ¥31,200

Beautiful landscape of Mt. Fuji and stay in a room with a view

Visiting best spots to see Mt. Fuji and beautiful illumination

2From ¥30,000

Kamakura ; the medieval samurai town & Enoshima ; the sacred island

Guided tour :Visiting all the essential spots on the south coast of Tokyo.

1From ¥12,300

A getaway to Sawara, “little Edo”of Chiba and to Katori Jingu shrine

【Chiba】one of the three shrines of Eastern Japan & promenade in "City of Water"

1From ¥12,000

Visit of “Mount Saw”, place of the largest seated Buddha of Japan

【Chiba】Nihonji, sacred mountain & splended views of Tokyo bay

1From ¥13,200

A walk through Yanaka and Wagashi making into the heart of Tokyo. "Voyage Japon - Peak Experience Japan"

【Tokyo】 Discover traditional Tokyo, Making Japanese confectionery (w/souvenirs)

1From ¥13,200

Japanese tea picking and ancient Edo streets of Kawagoe. Japan Travel - Peak Experience Japan

【Saitama】Tea leaves picking experience in Sayama & Kawagoe walking

1From ¥12,000

Hiking Mount Mitake and visit of a sake brewery. Voyage Japon - Peak Experience Japan

【Okutama】Short hike to Mitake shrine & Sake tasting at a famous brewery

1From ¥12,000

Earthquake simulation and visit of traditional streets

【Tokyo】Educative anti-disaster experience & walking traditional places

1From ¥7,800