Romance car to Enoshima island and the sacred city of Kamakura

Let’s visit together Enoshima island, a destination which attracts lot of Tokyoites for excursion.
We will reach there by taking the famous limited express “Romance car” train from Shinjuku station, about one hour ride.
Walking through Sagami bay, you will see the island and its shrine rising on the horizon and it could make you think of the french Mont Saint-Michel.
If the weather is nice, you could admire Mt. Fuji and its snowy summit from the window of the train.
After enjoying the island of Enoshima, we will take an old tram running through the narrow streets of old town Kamakura.  
We will visit some tourist spots not to be missed such as the Big Buddha Statue, Hasedera Temple, Tsurugaoka-Hachimangu Shrine and Komachi-Dori Street: a lively commercial district.
We will end this tour with feeling the atmosphere of Zen at the temple Kenchoji, ranked the first among the Zen temples of Kamakura.

Where to Go


★Sites to visit : Enoshima (Enoshima Sanctuary, Lighthouse, Enoden), Kamakura (Big Buddha, Hase-dera Temple, Tsuruoka Hachiman, Komachidori)
★Starting point : Shinjuku
★Departure time : 9:15
Duration of excursion : about 9 hours (aprox.)
★ Points of interest of the trip :
- Visit with a English speaking tour leader
- Visit in small group
- Visit of the island of Enoshima, the "The little Japanese Mont Saint-Michel " with its sanctuary that rises on the island
- We take the old tramway “Enoden”  to Enoshima,
- Visit the most important sites of Kamakura, the Big Buddha, Hase-dera Temple, and Tsuruoka Hachiman
- Walk to Komachi Street, a small shopping street

Travel aboard the Romance Car train to Enoshima, and walk to Kamakura to discover the Big Buddha, the shrines

Meeting point is Shinjuku Station, ride on the popular limited express, Odakyu line's "Romance car" train until its terminal station Enoshima.
On getting off of the train, you will be welcomed by scent of the ocean.
Enoshima is a small island floating on Sagami Bay. This island is often compared to the French Mont Saint-Michel since the island becomes a part of the land due to the rise and fall of the tide.
There is a beach in Enoshima, from where you could admire Mt. Fuji if the weather is nice, filled with beachgoers in the summer. 
Don't you feel something good will be happened when you see the collaboration between Japanese Mont Saint-Michel and Mt. Fuji?
Once you get a best shot, let's share it with Instgram.
Then cross the peir and land Enoshima island. At the top of the island, you will see an ancient sanctuary near which standing the lighthouse of Enoshima and also you will see cafes and shops along with a front approach. Enjoy the sea bleeze while you are freewheelingly walking on the island.

We will then take the old "Enoden" tramway to cross the streets and feel immersed in the old times. "Enoden" is an abbreviation for "Enoshima Dentetsu" serves between Enoshima and Kamakura. You will be entertained by the train once you get on because it runs scenic route along the sea and kissing distance from walls of conventional residents. 

We will head for Hase-dera temple, an ancient Buddhist temple built in the 8th century on the slope of the mountain where you will view Enoshima and the city of Kamakura from a park in front of the main hall of the temple. Thousands of hydrangeas bloom in June along with paths inside and around the temple, which is one of the must-see places in Kamakura. At a short distance from Hasedera temple, you could also see a 13.5 meters big Buddha statue, weighing 121 tons, built in the 13th Century, acknowledged as the great two Daibutsu statues in Japan with Nara Buddha.Then again, we will get on Enoden until Kamakura station, the terminal station.
Take a walk on Komachi dori street, the liveliset and fashinable street in the city.
Here you will find not only trendy restaurants and shops but also traditional restaurants.
We will have lunch break at Komachi dori street.

Once we finish lunches, go and visit Tsuruoka Hachimangu temple, one of the most important temples in Japan, dedicated to the god protectors of the powerful samurais. The temple is beautifully painted in vermeil, popular sightseeing spot in parallel with Big Buddha and many worshippers visit the temple in the New Year period.
If you have plan to have an exam or a match, try to pray for battles, since the temple is now a place of prayer for the success of an exam, a contest or a match.Then we will reach Kenchoji Temple, located on top of a small hill. This prestigious temple is known for Zen art and especially Zazen meditation that you will have the chance to practice in the temple. Kenchoji Temple is ranked the first among the Zen temples of Kamakura, founded in 13th century.
You will feel tensed clearn atmosphere inside the temple. Zen meditation is widely open for the public on every Friday and Saturday.

If we have spare time, let's visit Ennoji Temple in the neighborhood where "Enma King" is enshrined. Enma King is a king of hell, who judges the dead's sins comitted during the life. The king also known as "Laughing Enma" due to his expression or "man-eater Enma" as he is believed to ate a child of visitor according to a legend.

At the end of the excursion, we walk to Kita Kamakura station.
Return detail : The excursion ends at Kita Kamakura st. the tour leader will explain how to return to Tokyo by JR train (direct train)
※ Possibility of hotel transfers at extra charge
Important to know
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Adult pricing applies to all travelers.

  • Minimum number of participants required for tour departure is one.

  • A moderate amount of walking is involved; please wear comfortable walking shoes.

  • Please inform us, at the time of booking, about the participation of any person with reduced mobility or suffering from any condition requiring  special needs during the trip.

  • This tour is not covered by insurance.

  • Itinerary order is subject to change depending on traffic, weather and operation hours.

  • In case of traffic congestion or weather or any other uncontrollable reasons that affect the tour schedule and lead to delay in time, schedule change or visit cancellation etc., the tour will not be cancelled or refunded in such cases.  Please be noted in advance.

Additional informations
  • Small groups, 8 people maximum. The tour can be customized in the case if there is no other participant on the day of trip.

  • Please note that public transportation will be used during this tour and seating is not guaranteed.

  • Please  refer to “Travel information” about any useful information.

  • Pictures are used for illustrative purpose only.

  • English speaking tour leader

  • All transportations during the tour 

  • Admission fees to the temples

Not included
  • ​​​​The insurances
  • The personal expenses

  • Meals and drinks not mentioned

  • Transportations,visits and activities not mentioned

  • Transfers to and from the hotel

*Meeting and/or sending service to the hotel by the tour leader are available with additional fees (each service:5000yen / 1group )

  • Gratuities (Voluntary)


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