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General information
You will find in this section, all you need to know to prepare your journey to the land of the rising sun in the best possible way. Weather, voltage, security, how to make a withdrawal, Wifi acces...all the answers are here.


Japan has the advantage of having a wide range of different types of accommodation. From hotels to Ryokan, the traditional Japanese inn, you could also spend the night in a minshuku (traditional guesthouse) or in a temple into the heart of buddhism culture. Here you can learn about all those different kinds of how to stay into the Japanese daylife.


To know all about the organisation of meals during your stay and what is included in the price, please refer to this section.


To learn more about the transportation during your trip. Why not travel into the heart of Japanese daylife and enjoy one of the well developed transportation network in the world?

Transfer of your luggage during the long tour

Notice that your luggage are in safe hands. We will assure you the transfer of your luggage during the tour for the greatest comfort.


Japan is a country that will completely disconnect you. You will be immersed in a different culture. How to pray in a temple? What are the rules to respect in Japanese hot springs (onsen)? You will find all the answers here.