Why choose Peak Experience?

How about a special trip in Japan off the beaten track?

Naturally, traveling in a group by sightseeing bus or on your own would be a great experience. However, in that kind of guided tours it is said that we hardly remember the trip without looking at the picture we took. On the other hand, when we travel on our own, we spend a lot of time gearing up, getting use to a new land, a new culture, and have to face the language barrier which could make difficult the trip to be ended and could make us stop half way. Moreover, you could face issues that you didn’t expect.

With Peak Experience, we offer you to remember not just stories that you share with your friends and your family, but true souvenirs that live in the eyes for more than 10 or 20 years to come, full of yearning and not easily forgotten. During your trip, you will not take the sightseeing bus crowded with foreign tourists. Our agency offers you to travel in small and restricted groups including your tour guide across a wide range of remarkable places by taking local train and bus. You will be immersed in the true Japanese culture and could enjoy seeing Japanese people in their everyday life. 

We will help you to travel with peace of mind without wasting time giving you the best travel advices. But we do not forget that it is above all your own trip and that you must enjoy it for yourself. That is why we work hard to respect and support it.