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The trips we design are not those of the guidebooks, websites or social networks. Our travel designers focus on making journeys based on experiences they lived,  things they have seen, heard, smelt, touched or tasted, in places where they have been several times. Using our five senses, we always make our best to create a true, once in a lifetime experience for you.
We carefully follow your wishes, interests and preferences in order to create the best trip that suits your personality and your budget. 
Now, let’s create together your Peak-Experience.

See you soon in Japan !

Shin Kagaya
Chief Travel Designer
Peak Experience Japan

28 Travel Designers Our travel designers have travelled throughout Japan and acquired great experience to share with you, our customers. They can provide valuable advices on the most convenient ways to travel, the best guides and the best places to stay, all for your Peak-experience.

Our travel designers

Travel designer, Accompagnateur
Diplome : Guide-interprète national(français), Direction des services de voyage domestique, Chef de la gestion des itinéraires
Travel designer, Tour leader
Travel designer, Accompagnateur
Guide-interprète francophone agréée par l'Etat, Kikizakeshi, expert du Saké japonais


First discovery of Japan 15 days
【Kansai,Chugoku】15 days
Travel around Setouchi islands 17 days
【Setouchi】17 days
35 Itineraries All itineraries that are featured in our website will give you some ideas of the possibility you could have by traveling with a tour designer. Use these itineraries as an inspiration, because your peak-experience will be achieved individually for you to fit with your tastes and your budget.

Suggested itineraries

These are original itineraries made by our travel designers. They are customisable according to your wishes. If you wish to change the duration of your stay, add few activities or some guided visits or if you need the help of an assistant, please feel free to contact us.  We can also recommend some sightseeing or give you some information about the local cuisine and popular activities to enjoy.

Small group tours

It is possible to access a wide range of sightseeing by taking those kinds of means of transportation, but it could be more interesting to change that behavior and take a detour in order to visit many of the amazing sites that you would not have the opportunity to visit otherwise. Do not hesitate to watch our itineraries on our website. You would notice how many incredible sites are hidden in the area where the Shinkansen does not stop. You will discover Japan in its greater authenticity.

Excursions 1~3days

Here you will find a wide range of exciting short trips to do during your stay in Tokyo and Kyoto. Cycling and walking, enjoy a 1 or 2 nights trip. Discover excursions that suit to your travel style and destinations in or off the beaten tracks. There is plenty of plans and private itineraries that are not published on our website yet, so do not hesitate to contact us to know more about it.

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