Realize your Peak Experience

Stay in a hotel offering a sea view, or in a cottage surrounded by the majestic Japanese alps are certainly  good ways to have a pleasant journey. It might be also an unforgettable experience. However, the trips that Peak Experience Japan offers are providing something that will make the difference. Admire the sunrise on the top of Mont Fuji, experience Zen in a temple full of history in Kyoto, taste delicious sushis made with fishes freshly caught by yourself, don’t you dream of a travel where you would be the main actor ?
Your trip will be a succession of activities and souvenirs.
You will create traditional potteries with the clay you gathered yourself, you will sail from island to island and discover the Japanese archipelago. It is a trip full of emotions, adventures and surprises that will become your “Peak Experience”.
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Our Travel Designers

We, travel designers, are experts who aim to offer to the visitors coming to Japan the best experiences. The kind of travels that we offer is not mentioned in the guidebooks.
Our concept is the making of trips that we have experienced ourselves and provide you the best sensations and enthusiasm that we have felt deeply in our hearts.
Your itineraries will be plenty of unforgettable experiences always engraved in you memories.

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1~3 days tour [Tokyo]

We have selected fantastic places in the unknown Japan for you. Do you know Mount Nokogiri or Sawara streets registered on the list of national traditional knowledge and cultural heritage ? Or have you ever heard about a true fishing harbour in Japan where are fished amazing and delicious Maguro, the Japanese tuna ? This fish harbour is not a fish market and totally different from Tsukiji. What about experiencing tea picking in one of the biggest production of tea plantation in entire Japan; going to an earthquake simulator where you could experience high magnitude shocks; or making your own traditional Japanese pastries?

1~3 days tour [Kyoto]

From Kyoto, the old city having 1500 years of history, there are many short and long tours. It is nice to stay in the city of Kyoto where you find the aristocratic culture is still alive, or you go further to visit the interesting places near Kyoto, or how about going to the surroundings for 1-2 days where there are many interesting places… you have many choices!

Multi-day Tours

It is possible to access a wide range of sightseeing by taking those kind of means of transportation but it could be more interesting to change that behaviour and take a detour in order to visit many of the amazing sites that you would not have the opportunity to visit otherwise. Do not hesitate to watch our itineraries on our website. You would notice how many incredible sites are hidden in the area where the Shinkansen does not stop. You will discover Japan in its greater authenticity.

Our recommendation!!

Among our trips, here are the ones that we particularly recommend. Regarding events, seasons, advantages, and exclusives products, the Peak Experience team pays special attention to share those suggestions. If you hesitate about destination, or travelling season, please take a look at these itineraries.


.Throughout the year in Japan, every town and every village organize different kinds of festivals and traditional feasts(Matsuri). Moreover, festivals vary according to season. There are intense and excited festivals, beautiful and strange festivals; and whatever they may be, they are not to be missed and represent without exaggeration, the heart of Japanese culture. For Japanese “matsuri” means a ritual, a tradition, a pride. However, in every festival, the most important thing is the release of body and mind from everyday worries and the fact that the public and the performers are enjoying together the event without distinction. Festivals would not change the stereotypes we have about Japanese ? Have fun and enjoy completely those festivals.

Sports & Activities

Japan is an island country covered with 70 % in mountains that allows It to develop a wide range of activities. Among these are : hiking, rafting, scuba diving, sailing, and many more that attracts a large number of visitors. Now it is your turn to take full advantage of what Japan can offers and to choose among activities you are passionate about.