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Our work consists in becoming the link that connects people to each other.
Our dream is to see the whole world united.

One of our privilege as people living in this contemporary era is to enjoy rich travels that are rewarding for our lives.
But even nowadays, a certain number of people have only experienced traveling as a way to run away from difficulties or to survive.
Peace is the unique condition if we want every person to be able to enjoy travelling abroad.
Our wish is for the world to become united so we can head towards a future without war or conflict.


Supported by our customers, we welcomed our 39th anniversary since our creation in 1981. We are deeply and daily thankful for your trust.
Travel is part of an era and an environment constantly evolving, along with customers’ expectations towards their travel. Since the entrance into the 21st century, the very essence of traveling keeps on changing drastically and fast.

Nowadays, you can easily book online a hotel abroad or a plane ticket. Therefore, we keep on searching the type of travel we can offer to satisfy you. It is an important challenge, questioning the importance of our existence as a travel agency.

“A reassuring and pleasant travel package, perfect for a private travel with still some freedom”.

A tailor-made tour has certainly the image of an itinerary our team built by carefully picking flights, hotels, activities and restaurants, while always keeping in mind quality and security, and customizing it to fit you the best.                                                                              

Then, if anything had to happen during your trip such as an accident or a disease, our on-site staff will promptly deal with it as well as they can so you can remain thrilled and excited during your journey while feeling you are properly being taken care of.

While its headquarter is located in Tokyo, our company has staff in Kyoto and Naoshima (Kagawa prefecture, Seto inland sea) but also in Belgium, in order to properly welcome its numerous European customers coming to Japan 
Having the experience of studying at Japanese universities or working in a Japanese company, along with constantly receiving the most recent information, our team is true experts in Japan’s travel.

The trips we design are not those of the guidebooks, websites or social networks. Our trteam focus on making journeys based on experiences they lived, things they have seen, heard, smelt, touched or tasted, in places where they have been several times. Using our five senses, we always make our best to create a true, once in a lifetime experience for you. We carefully follow your wishes, interests and preferences in order to create the best trip that suits your personality and your budget.

Now, let’s create together your Peak-Experience!

We look forward to seeing you soon in Japan.
President of Eurex Co., Ltd.

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