Towards Sustainable Tourism

In order to make sustainable tourism a reality, our company is committed to the following actions:

Our company is committed to supporting local initiatives and producers.

Our company is committed to working with local tourism associations.

Our company is committed to hiring local guides.

Our company is committed to avoiding mass tourism and the damage it causes to the environment, by offering different routes and off the beaten track.

Our company is committed to respecting the local regulations, including the respect of fauna and flora during hikes.

Our company is committed to encouraging its customers to be respectful of the environment during their trip.

Our company is committed to making you travel as much as possible by public transportation and to limit the use of private vehicles in its tours, to limit the overloading of roads and thus reduce CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases.

Our company is also committed to offering environmental friendly transportation, with particular emphasis on excursions including bike tours as well as hiking.

Our company is currently looking to select accommodation offering an alternative to single-use welcome packagess (toiletries kit with toothbrush, toothpaste and comb), individually packaged, and washing towels too regularly.