From Tokyo

Do you already have plans for your next trip to Tokyo? Are Shibuya, Asakusa or Shinjuku part of the trip?  Or maybe you even plan to go to Yokohama, or Mount Takao a few miles further?

A wide range of guidebooks probably already have inspired you about some destinations you plan to go. What about experiencing tea picking in one of the biggest tea plantation in the whole country? Going to an earthquake simulator where you could experience high magnitude shocks? Or even admire one of the biggest seated Buddha statue in the whole country?  What about going to a real fishing harbor, instead of the classic Tsukiji Fish Market, where you could taste freshly fished tuna, in a country widely known for its cuisine.
Even in the metropolitan area of Tokyo, many beautiful and authentic areas are widely ignored by guidebooks and therefore hard to find for foreigners. Far away from mass tourism, enjoy unique experiences, in authentic places that perpetuate the most beautiful traditions. 

Therefore, we offer you a wide range of tours, including tailor-made tours, so you can dsicover all these places. Our tour operators will share with you the secrets of these outstanding destinations so that once you leave, you will return with magical memories you can never forget, and a real Japanese experience.

Wonders of contemporary architecture in Tokyo

Strolling through iconic neighborhoods through their architectural marvels.

【Tokyo and Kanto area】Private cycling tour
(one day or half a day)

Easy cycling tour with an electric bicycle. (Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa etc.)

Private bike tour in Yokohama

Private guided bicycle tours with electric assistance in the sea breeze

Private cycling tour at the foot of Mount Fuji
1 day

Private guided tour by bike with a French-speaking guide. Personalize your trip.

One day bike tour
at the foot of Mount Fuji

【Yamanashi】A ride on Lake Kawaguchi and visit a sake brewery

【Day trip】Okutama discovery cycling tour

Enjoy the great nature in a natioal park in Tokyo ! (lunch included)

"Tailor made" excursion (1 day/ half day, according to your request)

Create your exclusive excursion in Tokyo and its neighborhood

The Seven Deities of good fortune
pilgrimage in Asakusa

Collect stamps of good luck in your travel diary at Asakusa

【2 days】Shukubo, Experience "Takigyo (water ascetic)" + Visit sake brewery in nature

【Okutama】Nature in Tokyo. Hiking and Ascetic Meditation under the Waterfall

Beautiful landscape of Mt. Fuji and stay in a room with a view

Visiting best spots to see Mt. Fuji and beautiful illuminations

Kamakura ; the medieval samurai town & Enoshima ; the sacred island

Guided tour :Visiting all the essential spots on the south coast of Tokyo.

A getaway to Sawara, Little Edo of Chiba and to Katori Jingu shrine

【Chiba】One of the three shrines of Eastern Japan & promenade in "City of Water"

Visit of the “Saw Mountain”, place of the largest seated Buddha of Japan

【Chiba】Nihonji, sacred mountain & Crossing TokyoBay by bus&ferry

A walk through Yanaka and Wagashi making into the heart of Tokyo

【Tokyo】 Discover traditional Tokyo, Making Japanese confectionery (w/souvenirs)

Japanese tea picking and ancient Edo streets of Kawagoe

【Saitama】famous tea production area Sayama & Kawagoe historical district

Hiking Mount Mitake and visit of a sake brewery.

【Okutama (Tokyo)】Enjoy the great nature in the sacred mountain, Mt. Mitake

Earthquake simulation and visit of traditional streets

【Tokyo】Educative anti-disaster experience & walking traditional places