The Japanese Alps: Kamikochi valley

2019年 05月22日

The hiking in the Kamikochi valley is a wonderful experience to do and it will stay in your heart forever. The magnificent landscape will wait for you. This huge valley belongs to the national park called “Chūbu-Sangaku Kokuritsu Kōen” created in 1934. This vast field astride the 4 different prefectures: Nagano, Gifu, Niigata and Toyama. However, the principal parts are located in Nagano prefecture. Moreover, the region's climate is fresh and dry which is different from most of the other parts of Japan.

This valley provides the perfect starting points to reach the different tops of the famous mountains in the region like:

  • Hotoka-dake (穂高岳 in Japanese) with approximately 8hours on foot;

  • Yake-dake (焼岳) with approximately 5 hours on foot;

  • Yarigata-take (槍ヶ岳) avec environ 10 heures on foot.

If you prefer taking time to climb the mountain, theare are the lodges to spend the night in your way. But don't worry, there are also easier ways to go to the top of the mountain within one day. Then you can enjoy your time for seeing the landscapes and taking photos!

The Kamikochi valley has so many different panoramic views, but some decors are marked in the visiter's spirit.... The river 
crossing the valley pouring the water into the lake Taishô has so clear water which reflects the landscape, but the swamp surrounded by the dense forest gives un sumptuous decor in your hiking.

Please go and discover the Japanese Alps and beautiful Kamikochi valley !