The Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines of the Chugoku region in Japan

Points of the tour

The tour of Miyajima island and the famous city of Hiroshima!

We have included the trip to Hiroshima in this tour as it’s one of the things that visitors to this area must not miss to see.
Of course, we will be making the trip to the beautiful Ōtorii (the great Shintō shrine archway) on the Miyajima island.

The San'in region

Also, the visit to the mysterious places of the San'in region that most of the Japanese people do not get a chance to see.
Matsue, Izumo, Tsuwano. There are beautiful things to see in each and every one these cities!

Itinerary The Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines of the Chugoku region in Japan

Gathering in the city of Hiroshima

We will have a casual meeting in the hotel about the tour.


Morning transfer by the ferry to the one of the three famous sights of Japan, Itsukushima (Miyajima) island

The Ōtorii (the great Shintō shrine archway) by which Itsukushima shrine is famous for, is usually one of the highlights of the tour for the travellers.

After that, we will use the cable car to climb the Misen mountain. Here, we will be able to enjoy Miyajima (Itsukushima) island in its full glory.

You will have the time to experience the amazing Itsukushima shrine to your hearts content after which we will return to the city of Hiroshima.


Transfer to Okayama city via Shinkansen (bullet train)

We will be leaving our luggage in the hotel and taking a private vehicle towards the Kibiji area of Okayama prefecture

Here you will be able to see what came to be a national treasure of Japan, the beautiful Kibitsu shrine along with the rows of houses with the peculiar thatched roofs. We will also come to visit the Bicchūkokubunji temple, a beautiful five-stories pagoda temple. Its surroundings are particularly of interest as it is place where you can see the landscape change completely season by season. Its beauties are truly unparalleled.

After visiting the temple, we will return to Okayama city, from where we’ll be making a visit to Okayama castle and one of “The Three Great Gardens of Japan”, the Kōrakuen.


Morning transfer to Matsue city, the capital city of Shimane prefecture via train

After we leave our luggage in the hotel, we will be heading into the Matsue city for the sightseeing.

Here stands one of the „Five national treasures of Japan“, the Matsue castle.
Its walls are mostly painted in black hue which makes for a memorable impression.

In the vicinity, there is the Shinjiko lake, a place known for its beautiful sunset.
If we're lucky, we will be greeted with a view that will stay with you for a long time to come.


The trip to Izumo

If there is one other place in Japan that is as well known as Ise Grand Shrine, it would have to be Izumo Grand Shrine which we will be visiting today.

Known as the „God of marriage“, this bustling shrine has many pilgrims coming to pray for good luck in marriage.

Nearby Hinomisaki lighthouse towers this side of the Japanese sea and it is known as one of the most beautiful landmarks due to its picturesque surroundings.


Transfer to the Adachi art museum via a private vehicle

Adachi art museum is a home to the lovely Japanese garden.
Many visitors to Japan have praised it, but regardless of nationality, there is a great number of tourists coming to see it.

On our way to Matsue, we will visit the historical Yaegaki shrine and the Kamosu shrine.
After returning to Matsue, we will be taking the railway to city of Tsuwano.


Sightseeing in city of Tsuwano

City of Tsuwano, also known as “The little Kyōto of San’in”, has brightly colored koi carp fish swimming in the waterway (sometimes called “The Moat” by the locals) inside the city and white walls, both things reminiscent of Kyōto.

Taikodani Inari shrine is also quite reminiscent of Kyōto’s very own Fushimi Inari shrine, with its hundreds upon hundreds fairy-like vermillion Torii (gates leading to the main hall of the Shinto shrine) that you will be able to experience right here in Tsuwano.


Transfer to Yuda onsen (hot springs) via the railway

Yuda onsen is the representative hot spring complex of Yamaguchi prefecture. We will take a leisurely walk through the onsen district and relax.


Visit to the several famous places in the city of Yamaguchi

In the city of Yamaguchi, inside the Rurikou temple, there is a national treasure of Japan - the five-storied pagoda. Even though we may call this structure to be one of the most beautiful pagodas in Japan, the very reflection of it in the pond is certain to leave a lasting impression.

Next, will move towards the island of Tsunoshima, a place where the color of the sea is hauntingly beautiful and many Torii set along the way take us to the Motonosumi Inari shrine. We will follow the way to Akiyoshi plateau, rocky grounds with sights you don’t want to miss.

At end of this tour, we will be returning to Yuda onsen hotel.


After the check out from the hotel, transfer to Shin-Yamaguchi station via railway

This will conclude our tour.

Thank you coming with us on this trip!
We wish you a safe trip back home.

Approximate arrangement price (For one individual, excluding the price of the plane ticket)

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The details and terms of the tour:

¤ Items included in the price ¤

- Hotel lodging expenses (2 people rooms)
- Meals specified in the itinerary
- The expenses for the private vehicle specified in the itinerary
- The expenses for the railway ticket specified in the itinerary
- The expenses for the use of facilities specified in the itinerary

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- Airplane ticket fare
- Meals not specified in the itinerary
- Overseas travel insurance

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6 名

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- Standard twin or double room including breakfast
- In you would like to stay in the single room, please contact us directly to arrange the details.

Air Ticket

- Airplane ticket is not included in this trip.

Things to note:

- This tour starts in Hiroshima city and concludes in Shin-Yamaguchi station in Yamaguchi city.
- If you have any kind of special wishes or requirements you would like for us to arrange before and/or after the end of the tour, please contact us directly to arrange the details.
- Due to the fluctuation of the foreign money exchange market, the final fee of the tour might also change, accordingly.
- There is a possibility that the hotel room might change from a standard twin to a double room.

The Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines of the Chugoku region in Japan


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