In the south-western part of Japan lies the third biggest island of the japanese archipelago: Kyushu. The South of this island has a cool tropical climate, while the North is more tempered. There are many mountains, such as the two volcanic channels in the center of Mount Aso, earning it the nickname of "land of fire" because of the important volcanic activity. But do not worry: this specificity blesses Kyushu with numerous hot springs (like the famous Beppu), and many national parks of luxurious forests.
Kyushu literally means "nine provinces", with reference to the ones that composed the island before Nowadays, we count seven of them: prefectures of Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Saga, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Nagasaki and Oita; and the southern island of Okinawa (without including the multitude of uninhabited islands in East China sea).
Kyushu is the cradle of an important period in japanese history: the first Portuguese people landed there, followed by Spanish people and British people; closely followed by europeans jesuites including Saint Francis Xavier, who preached christianism.