The spectacular coastline of Hyuga (Kyushu)


When you will arrive at Hyuga, the unique architecture of the main station will surprise you with its beautiful design using cedar woods for the construction of the structure of its roof. The station won a Brunel award in 2008, which awarded the most beautiful rail infrastructure worldwide. The city is a perfect blend of seaside and mountains sceneries. The coastline is wonderful, with its steep rocky cliffs plunging into the blue Pacific Ocean. Many observation points are accessible near the coast in order to admire this natural miracle. You could easily access various great sites on foot or by train via the JR lines.

You could start your visit by cross the city to the east coast, then you could reach the Hososhima harbour where you find excellent seafood restaurants offering freshly caught products. The area is known for clams cooking but also for the famous “Maguro” Japanese tuna, served as sushi, sashimi, and especially in this town, with “hebesu”, a kind of japanese lemon. Feel free to taste this delicious cuisine in one of the restaurant of the coast, you will never be disappointed ! Also the scenery is astonished, as you walk through the coastline pathway. You will face Mount Makishimayama on the other side of the quiet harbour, and behind you, rises Mount Kaminoyama, one of the best ocean views.Then, go on to Mihoukogaura park and join cap Umagase, further east. The view of the vastness of the Pacific Ocean from high cliffs over 70 meters is incredible. Enjoy a pleasant stroll along the south coast to the Hyugamisaki park where stands a beautiful Shinto shrine dedicated to the fox god (Inari).

The cliffs slowly disappear from the landscape as you reach south of Hyuga, and you will discover that the coast also boasts beautiful and wide beaches. Since the Hyuga station, take JR Nippou line to Minami Hyuga station. It takes about 6 minutes away. Then walk 10 minutes north to Oguragahama beach. It is a paradise for surfers, so if you have never ride  the waves of pacific ocean, do not miss the experience ! A little further north, you could have the opportunity to contemplate the Omi shrine, facing the sea. You just have to sit down on the grass and admire a beautiful sunset in this warm and relaxing atmosphere.


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