The beautiful castles of Japan - Part 1: The Matsumoto castle and the Inuyama castle

Throughout Japan, there are 12 of the so-called “existing” castle towers.
The “existing” part refers to the time from when they were created (Edo era, 1603. - 1868.), alternatively meaning that they are still around in the same shape as they were back then when they were originally created.

The Himeji castle in Hyōgo prefecture is one of the 12 existing castle towers that has been included in the UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage. The author of this blog would like to introduce you the 2 of which he finds to be the most fascinating.

Let’s start with the Matsumoto castle in the city of Nagano in Nagano prefecture. Also known as the „Crow Castle“, quite fitting to the name, the castle is painted jet black.

The appearance of the castle itself is quite awe-inspiring. However, you can see it in its most beautiful state during the blossoming of the sakura (cherry) trees. In the background of the castle, the pure, white, snow-covered Japanese Alps create quite a contrast, making it into an extraordinary viewing experience.

This is one of those places that we would highly suggest visiting during your stay in Japan.

Now, let us introduce you to the second one, the Inuyama castle in the city of Inuyama in Aichi prefecture. What's particularly appealing about this castle is its location.

Sitting on a top of the small mountain, looking over the Kiso river and the town of Inuyama; the view from the castle tower is simply spectacular!

Sadly, most of the visitors from outside of Japan have no knowledge of it. As is easy to reach it even from the direction of Nagoya, this is another one of the castles that we warmly recommend.

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