Tottori : an amusement park made of... cardboard !

2019年 02月25日

Japan is well-knowed for its plenty of different temporary events. This year in Tottori, (north-west of Kyoto), from 16th March to 6th May, you can enjoy an amusement park made of…  cardboard !

This is an ephemeris event which first took place in 2013, but was so successful the organizers are planning it again for the fourth time here in 2019.

Carboard labyrinth, various kinds of swings, airplanes or pirates ships, there’s something for everyone ! From big statues that represents animals to miniature castles, you can find every scales and sizes, and the care and the realism of this work are really impressive. The attractions are made of corrugated cardboard strong enough to let grown adults climb on it. You can also find a workshop to make your own artwork in cardboard.


2019’s thema will be dinosaurs, so you’ll be able to use a triceratops-toboggan, climb a 6 meters high tyrannosaurus or riding a miniature train to admirer the dinosaurs shaped statues. Here is an example of this year's attractions with a spinosaur which you can climb and very cute tyrannosaurus-swings:

The cardboard is all recycled and biodegradable cardboard, which makes a funny, aesthetic and ecological amusement park. Simple idea, just had to think of it !

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