1~3 days tour [Kyoto]

From Kyoto, the old city having 1500 years of history, there are many short and long tours. Enjoy the free time in most efficient way with your guide during your stay in Kyoto. Or, as Kyoto has the culture of aristocrat that there are many cultural options of which you can participate to have interesting experiences.

Or if you go further, there are many interesting places near Kyoto. Going over the mountains, there is Amanohashidate, one of Japan’s three scenic views, and Ine-no-funaya, the cluster of traditional fishermen’s houses which is designated as the Preservation Districts of Historic Buildings. And how about the farm stay in Wazukacho, famous for the quality of tea which is considered to be one of the top teas of Japan.

A lot of discovers would be waiting for you there in the ancient capital of Japan.

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