Kurashiki: an essential walk in ancient Japan

2019年 02月15日

Located a few kilometers west of Okayama, Kurashiki is an old city preserved up to now and designated as the "Kurashiki Bikan Histrical Quarter". The place remains the atmosphere of the Edo period, where the samurai still roamed the traditional streets along the channel of Tsurugatayama district; at the same time we discover the European-influenced architecture of the Meiji and Taisho periods, such as the old city hall Kurashikikan.

Today, Kurashiki is like a living museum, where the old merchant houses line up along the street. When you head for the west of Tsurugatayama and go to Honmachi and Higashimachi streets, you will discover the everyday life of local people, yet in the atmosphere of an ancient Japan. There are shopping malls, bars, izakaya, cafes, that allow you to feel immersed in the Japanese culture. As night falls, continue your way to the Kurashiki Bikan Histrical Quarter with beautifully illuminated, you will enjoy the fantastic views of the city.
You won't be bored with the town in the daytime either when you explore the town by a traditional boat on the canal, runs along the historical district, lined with beautiful weeping willows. In the 17th century, a merchant lives in Kurashiki made fortune by cultivating rice fields, today the house they lived registered important cultural property of Japan, The Ohashis' house. 
Renowned cultural city, it also has a remarkable art museum, the Ohara museum, opened in 1930, rich of Italian Renaissance works, but also a rare collection of Dutch and Flemish painting of the 17th century. There are also some Impressionist works such as Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Edgar Degas. The museum is the first in Japan to have exhibited Western art, besides the city is located in the Setouchi region where one of the largest art festivals in Japan is held.

Outside the museum, immerse yourself in Japanese art as you stroll through the beautiful Japanese garden Shinkei-en. A little further on you will find the Museum of Traditional Toys, where ancient toys from various parts of Japan are exhibited, such as Hina dolls (famous for the Hina-matsuri festival). You will also find Chiyogami paper, known for making origamis, and many other souvenirs.

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