Maria and John's travel along the Seto Inland Sea

2019年 11月11日

"We travelled as a couple in October 2019; from UK to Kyoto and island hopping in the Inland Sea for the Setouchi Triennale. An itinerary which we thoroughly enjoyed. We had excellent pre-travel advice on what to wear and renting a pocket wi-fi…..which I fell in love with and used a lot when out and about."
In Inujima
"To make the most of our time in Japan we were guided for most days.
Having a guide meant we didn’t have to spend time planning local transfers, particularly for the island hopping when we became a pair of ‘Happy Drifters’ able to enjoy the sensational art and the festival feeling of Setouchi Triennale. Our guide ensured that we were on the right boat, train, bus and it was seamless, and also arranged sending our luggage on ahead so that we could travel light."
"We saw various landscapes from ultra-modern cities to beautiful island views and local Japanese communities. I don’t think the Japanese publicise enough how beautiful their country is to see."
Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima

"All hotels were of very high standards and included a range of modern to traditional. We enjoyed a wide range of Japanese cuisine; from eating in local restaurants to 5 star dining.
Everyone that we met in Japan was kind and helpful even when we didn’t speak their language.
A truly memorable holiday... a true peak experience."

Extracts from the review left on Trip Advisor
All pictures are from Maria and John's Travel which they kindly gave us permission to use