Yacht travel in the Seto inland sea ② Shodoshima island【Prequel】

Well, so my yacht travel began, but of course, I could not be on the yacht all day long.
Being on the yacht without any shadow and to be in the centre of the sea for many hours.... it was a little hard for me, as a beginner. I imagined quietly how the sailors felt in the past, and that they shouted happily ”Land ho!” in the animation or film was not exagerated at all. From the bows, I was gazing the islands that I did not even know the names.
Like that, swaying on the boat for 3 hours, a big island was coming into the view. This was the Shodoshima island where the yacht should stop at. I punched the air secretly.

Shodoshima island is the second biggest island among 700 islands in Seto inland sea. There are 6 ports, and we can go there via Kobe, Himeji, Hinase, Okayama, and Teshima to go to Uno and Takamatsu, so it is very accessible. From Takamatsu, there are many ports to link, so you can see how big this island is.

We stayed in the Shodoshima Furusato village near the Ikeda port. I was so relieved to be on the land which was my first impression of my life. 
I felt so happy to walk on the ground and went to the bus stop to go to Tonoshoko.

(Tonoshoko is the biggest port in the island, and the ferries cross all day long.)

I did not go there for getting on the ferry, but I wanted to go to the interesting place around the port.
When I came to the city from the port, I lost my orientation.
There was no landmark, so I could not find where I was being.
I found myself that I was being in the "labyrinth city".
This port has already existed in the middle age, and the inhabitants were annoyed by the invasion of the pirates. So, they made the lanes very narrow and complexed and this helped also for avoinding the storng sea breezes.
So, I roamed around the "labyrinth city" and found old fashioned stores and a café renovated from an old private house, and some souvenir shops. I visited some of them which seemed interesting. I found the olives and soya souce which are the specialties of Shodoshima island.
I thought that it would be nice to spend some time be lost, and take a walk to step on the places which might draw my interests. If being tired, I could go to the café and at the worst, I could find the way by my smartphone....
I think that I wanted to walk around. I was happy to wander around for log time in the labyrinth, but I got tired and decided to turn to the bus stop.