Travel in the prefecture of Chiba - Pocket guide

2019年 06月17日

Prefecture of Chiba

The prefecture of Chiba, called Chiba-ken in Japanese, is located in some minutes by train from the centre of Tokyo. The area of Chiba prefecture is 5 100km² with 6 millions of inhabitants go to 37 different cities. The Narita airport is located also in Chiba.

Chiba is more traditionnal than its neighbour Tokyo, having many wonderful seas bordered by Tokyo bay and the Pacific ocean.

Please find hereunder 4 interesting sites which should not be missed in Chiba:


Would you know that the amusement park Disneyland is not located in Tokyo but it is in Chiba prefecture?

DisneySea, which is the most known and highly appreciated by Japanese people is located only 1 hour by train from Shibuya station.

The park composed by so many attractions with sensations in a wide variety of worlds.

The Ubara beach

Located in the south-east of Chiba in the city of Ubara, this beach is surround by the hills and cliffs which make it heavenly. It is often abandonned by the inhabitants and tourists, the Ubara beach is most of the time deserted.

Oyama rice paddies

It must be the one of the most beautiful rice paddies in Japan, and it is located in the outskirts of the Kamogawa city, more precisely, in the south-east of the prefecture of Chiba.

The rice paddies of Oyama is a traditional rice terrace, and it offers an unforgettable panorama. In addition, at twilight, the lights illuminated the edge of the rice paddies provides a particular atmosphere of this land.

The grand Buddha of Mt. Nokogiri

In an ancient quary, a giant Buddha, daibutsu in Japanese, is surely the most precious tresure of Chiba. Sculpture in the mountain, it is 31m high and today, the biggest seated Buddha in Japan.

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