Travel in the sea of Seto: the Shodoshima island

2019年 06月06日

Shodoshima is an island which has been appeared 14millions of years ago after the eruption of the volcano. Among the 700 islands in the inland sea of Seto, it is the secondly biggest island after the Awaji island. When we say Shodoshima, we remind olive trees at once. The olives are planted since the beggining of the 20th century. In this period, Kagoshima and Mie are also started this type of culture, but in the region of Nishimura in Shodoshima is the only place where the growth became satisfactory.
The olive park of Shodoshima, the "Meditteranean" coast of Japan

When we walk in the island, you will see the olive park with the building of white walls and the Seto sea in background, it will remind you the Meditterranean landscape. Then, you go to the Tonosho port, you will see the small city nicknamed as "the city of labyrinth", constitued with stone walls built in the feudal period for protecting this small city from the pirates and also for the strong winds today. 

We find many shops with retro atmosphere and small stands in the renovated old houses which give a very charming mood in the seaside quarters.
When you step out from the labyrinth, Shodoshima will invite you the most comfortable walking streets

From the labyrinth city, when you manage to go out from it, 10 minutes ahead of the direction of the sea shore, you will see the magnificent beach and the sand way alled "Angel Road". Twice per day, at low tide, this natural road gives the way to the islet and it is said that when a couple crosses the road, they will be together forever.
The "Angel Road" appears slowly like a magic of the sea

The gorges of Kankakei 

The gorges of Kanakakei is one of the 3 most beautiful gorges of Japan, which is a veritable symbol of Japan. This natural mind-browing landscape shows the different beauty in each season, in particular in spring time of cherry blossom and in autumn with fantastic colours of the leaves. When can reach to the top of the rock walls of the gorges by cable car, and also on foot in 1 hour of walking on the beautiful hiking road.
The gorges of Kankakei: sublime contrast of the sea and mountain

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