Kiso village, a paradise in Japanese Alps

2019年 05月31日

A traditional Japanese village, Kiso is located in the south west of the prefecture of Nagano, and it is a parfect place to have a rest during your hiking in the Japanese Alps.

The village of Kiso is the starting point of the Kiso river which is called also as the Rhine of Japan. A long river more than 200 km cuts accross the route of high mountains and it reaches to the 2000 m high.

A little far, there is a dam built in 1996, named Misogawa, which shows a sublime landscape of the lake Okukiso in the heart of the mountains.

Around the village of Kiso and the lake Misogawa, there are the natural forest called Mizukizawa Tennenrin. You can enjoy this ancient forest thanks to many routes of 3km. At the end of those routes, there is a waterfall "Tokonami no taki", which is drawing you to achieve the hiking until the end!

The village also has many stories. The Kiso village was a part of the long way between Tokyo and Kyoto in the Edo period (1603-1868) for the marchands, craftsmen, and also the gouverneurs, governors. This place had beent the place to take a rest for the travellers for recover the energy for 500km and around 20 days trip. You can, and you may easilly track a part of the history as the route goes along the Kiso river.

Discovering the historical villages in the ancient route of Kiso ! 

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