The Hozugawa River Cruise in Kyoto

2019年 02月22日

You see the difference in each season of a year, the countryside around Kyoto is beautiful. The old capital of Japan, Kyoto remains the ancient beauty of the country and you can enjoy this nature on the Hozu river in Arashiyama district, where used to popular among aristocrats.
Kameoka, the place where the cruise starts, was a small farming village whose goods were transported to Kyoto. While sailing on the river Hozu, we take the same path as the old boatmen of the time, who transported wood for construction of some very famous temples of the former capital (794-1868) and the Osaka castle. You will have the impression of traveling back in time, sailing on the waters of the river next to the special sightseing train Sagano Torokko. It passes through an alley full of cherry blossoms in early spring. But each season makes the nature spectacular in this valley, especially during the Koyo, the autumn leaves. You will be aboard a traditional wooden boat guided by a boatman with a pole to guide and the boat goes through some rapids thrillingly. The rest of the route is quite calm and allows you to admire the beauty of the mountains surreunded. In summer, the water of the river is crystal clear and the light adds extra attraction.
This small journey lasts approximately 2 hours to cover 16 kilometers. Arriving in Arashiyama, you enter the city of aristocrats of the Heian period, who built their houses there to enjoy nature. In addition, Arashiyama has Bamboo forest, monkey park, ancient temples, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Arashiyama locates a few kilometers away from Kyoto, but there are plenty of treasures to admire.

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