Mt. Fuji Hiking

2019年 01月17日

Accessible only in July and August, Mt. Fuji (or Fuji San) hiking is a unique experience in the world. Many Japanese of all ages realize the long pilgrimage of this sacred mountain in each year since the Edo period.
Nowadays, many Japanese and Western tourists climb Mt. Fuji by night to admire the sunrise from the summit. We must prepare for the ascent and carry proper equipments: hiking boots, warm and waterproof clothing (icy wind blows at the top), first aid kit, night lamps, sunglasses, sunscreen, water and so on.Four main roads lead to the top of Mt Fuji (3,776 meters) through 9 "stations"; it takes on average 6 hours for the climb and 3-4 hours for the descent. Hikers usually take the Yoshida road (Yoshida route): approach to the fifth "station" by bus from Kawaguchiko station, then climb a few hours, rest in a shelter halfway and resume walking to get to the top before sunrise.

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