Top 5 unusual hikes in Tokyo

2019年 01月09日

Did you know that it is possible to easily access hiking trails in the countryside, but not far from Tokyo? As Mt. Takao is getting popular once it has rated 3 stars in the Michelin Guide, here is a selection of 5 less famous but authentic hikes, which will immerse you in the charms of the Japanese countryside.

Mt. Mitake

When you arrive at Shinjuku Station, take the Chuo Line to Oume Station, then transfer the Oume line to Mitake Station. The duration of the journey is about 1h30. From the station, you have the choice of several trails. You can walk along the river until you cross a small bridge to reach the road to Mount Mitake. (or you can take a bus from the station). Arriving at the bottom of the mountain, a cable car is available to drive you halfway of the summit of the mountain. If you prefer to walk to the observatory, it woulb be a little less than two hours of walking. The peace and beauty of the tall pine forest surrounding you is very pleasant, so if you are sporty and motivated, do not hesitate a second! At the summit of the 900-meter peak, the panorama is superb. If you want to continue climbing, go to Nakayono waterfalls in the heart of green nature.

Mt. Kagenobu

The start of the route for Mt. Kagenobu is also accessible in 1h30 from Shinjuku Station. At Takao Station, take a bus to Kofutsu Station. From there, you will walk to the path to Mt. Kagenobu. It is a very pleasant walk in a forest, and very soothing, not very busy on the way. In addition, at the top of the mountain, culminating at 727 meters, you will find small huts offering food to rest, and a breathtaking view of Mount Fuji! The trail to Mt. Kagenobu also has several crossings to Jimba and Takao mountains if you want to extend your little getaway.

Okutama Lake and Mt. Mito

Mt. Mito combines perfectly with Okutama Lake. It allows you to enjoy a hike in varied landscapes, crossing the lake on a floating bridge surrounded by sublime nature, especially to admire Kôyô (the admiration of autumn leaves). From here it is easy to access to Mt. Mito. It is about 4.5 kilometers of trail in a beautiful forest. You will have a superb view of the valley and the lake.

The waterfall of Hyakuhiro

In Okutama region, 40 meters high waterfall is also located what is worth to see even make a detour. The hike is Mt. Kawanori, accessible from the bus stop of the same name that you will reach in 15 minutes from Okutama Station. The mountain offers a journey of about 6 hours passing also by the beautiful waterfall of Hijiri, you will face the waterfall of Hyakuhiro in the middle of course, then will arrive at the top of Mt. Kawanori. After that, you can reach Hatonosu Station for your return by train. You can access throughout the year. The waterfall is frozen in winters that also appreciate as the winter landscape of Japan.

Inamura Rock

This course is the most enduring among 5 courses. Hiking Inamura is known to be difficult, but take on a challange. Because at the top, the landscape is breathtaking. Shonyudo Bus Station is a 15-minute walk from Okutama Station. On the road you can already admire this impressive rock awaits you. The route is relatively narrow and steep and it takes a little less than 3 hours of walking to reach the summit. You will see all the beautiful mountain scenery and the nature so close to the big megalopolis of Tokyo!

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