Sports & Activities

Japan is an island country covered with 70 % in mountains that allows It to develop a wide range of activities.
Among these, hiking and trekking are maybe  the most popular, to admire great various sceneries which change every season. From the snow covered plains to the bright red leaves of the trees in autumn where sanctuaries and shrines are hidden, you would discover a wide range of trails to hike.
Japan is also an ideal location for who love playing golf with its numerous golf courses and remains one of the most popular countries in this field.  
You could also enjoy a wide range of nautical activities on the most beautiful coastlines of the country, or discover the best spots for scuba diving not only in Okinawa archipelago but also on the Honshu island, and many other islands reachable from Tokyo.
Do not miss the chance to participate in a private yacht cruise in Tokyo bay, to admire at night the city lights reflected on the water.
What about a bicycle ride from island to island into Setouchi area to enjoy a breathtaking view ?
Experience those numerous activities to boost your trip in Japan !