Megijima is a small island of 4km of coastline which is located 20 minutes far from the port of Takamatsu by ferry boat. As it is very close to Ogijima island, the two islands are often mentioned together.

Close to the north side of Mt. Washigamine, you can find a cave of 400m long. It is said that it has been dug by hands during the 1st century before J.C. but we do not know why. In a legend, it is said that the demons would have dug it. It is often associated with the legend of Momotaro. You can see many objects sculpted in the shape of demons, like the statues imagined by the school students of the prefecture of Kagawa.

When you climb to the top of the mountain from the cavern, you should not miss the 360° view on the Seto inland sea.
We also sometimes call the island Onigashima (the island of demons) and the small villages of the island are very special which make a very unique landscape. You can also see stone walls called Ote, and when you walk in between those streets, the paths become truely become a labyrinth.

The walls have not been the defending walls that we might think but they were used to protect the village from the strong winds blowing up to the top of Mt. Takato.

Megishima has been also selected for participating in the festival of Setouchi triennale and many art pieces are being exhibitted.
The elementaly school of the island has been made an art installation by Shinro Ohtake, it is named : "Mekon". "Me" is from the "Me"gishima, and "Kon" means the roots in Japanese. There is also an artwork by the sculptor Yasuyoshi Sugiura "Terrace Winds", and also the "Presence of Absence" by the Argentinian sculptor Leandro Erlich. Therefore, anywhere where you could wander on the island, you for sure will run into art.