From Teshima, which is the closest island, the Inujima island is accessible by ferry in 25 minutes. Inujima is a small island with 4km of circumference, 2.2km far from Okayama.

Many years ago, high quality granite in this island used to be extracted from the island for the construction of castles and port installations. Up to now, there are many caves and marshes on the island from which supposedly many stone quarries have been dug, although a large part of the island's topography is yet unknown.

During the Meiji period, a metal smelter has been founded and over 5000 people lived in the island. However, the factory was shut down because of the damages caused by the smoke it produced and because of the competition with other companies. Today, there are less than 50 inhabitants. For a while, there was a project that the factory would become a site of destruction of medical waste. However Benesse bought the smelter for launching a new artistic project in 2001, in order to resurrect the island.
In 2008, the museum was founded in the smelter of Inujima. The concept of the museum is to conceive the future through natural energy and art without forgetting the troubles caused by the toxic smoke pollution in the past. The architect Hiroshi Sambuichi, who also worked on the "Naoshima Hall" project, is one of the main conceptors of the museum. The museum also displays some interesting works by Yukio Mishima.

Just as in Naoshima, you can see some works by upcoming artists who took part in the "Inujima Art House Project". You can enjoy a panoramic view and some artworks very different from the ones in Naoshima.