From Naoshima

We offer excursions from Naoshima, the famous island of contemporary art of the Seto Inland Sea. Take advantage of the ideal location of the island between Honshu and Shikoku to visit places far from classical tourism and discover even more artworks, sublime landscapes or even important cultural places of Japan like traditional gardens and sanctuaries! Enjoy your free time efficiently during your stay with a guide! Or enjoy unique cultural experiences around the islands of the Seto Sea which are now being revived through art.

If you go a little further, there are also many sites of interest near Naoshima. On either side of the sea, you can discover the Japanese tradition in all its beauty. It is an opportunity to stroll around the Ritsurin Koen and observe the reddening autumn leaves, or even further into contemporary art by exploring the islands of Inujima and Teshima.