In spring stand cherry blossom festivals, and Hina matsuri (puppet festival or girls festival); in summer there are numerous festivals in every region and also the Bon Festival, bon odori in Japanese, we can admire many fireworks; in autumn, people head for shrines in order to celebrate harvest time; and in winter takes place the snow festival and the new year feast.

In 2016, 33 traditional events throughout the country have been registered on UNESCO's world heritage list under the category of «Yama Hoko Yatai» which are festivals with floats parades. The registered events are just a few part of all the festivals that may take place  in Japan. Indeed, it is says that there would be more than 300 000 festivals throughout the country. There are for example, the fighting festival, kenka matsuri, the naked festivals, Hadaka matsuri, the fire festival, or one which is named strange festival, and many others that will amaze you. Traditional dances, and majestic and luxurious floats parades, Mikoshi carriers, and the parade of people wearing traditional garbs walking with elegance, the lion dance and the traditional music Hayashi.

It could be said that throughout generations, all the traditional art and japanese spirit have been gathered. Festivals are the heart of nippon culture, and you will surely come across Japanese in their true nature.

During those, the main goal is to enjoy it together, whatever our country, our  nationality, or our language ! !