All 1~3 day tours【Tokyo】

Secret day trip to admire the cherry blossom around Tokyo - 3/29~4/12 2019

Discovery of the best cherry blossom spots around Tokyo.

1From ¥7,200

【2 days】Shukubo, Experience "Takigyo (water ascetic)" + Visit sake brewery in nature

【Okutama】Nature in Tokyo. Hiking and Ascetic Meditation under the Waterfall

2From ¥31,200

【Half day(Morning/ Afternoon)】The Seven Deities of good fortune pilgrimage in Asakusa

Collect stamps of good luck in your travel diary at Asakusa

1From ¥4,800

Beautiful landscape of Mt. Fuji and stay in a room with a view

Visiting best spots to see Mt. Fuji and beautiful illumination

2From ¥30,000

A getaway to Sawara, “little Edo”of Chiba and to Katori Jingu shrine

【Chiba】one of the three shrines of Eastern Japan & promenade in "City of Water"

1From ¥12,000

Visit of “Mount Saw”, place of the largest seated Buddha of Japan

【Chiba】Nihonji, sacred mountain & splended views of Tokyo bay

1From ¥13,200

Kamakura ; the medieval samurai town & Enoshima ; the sacred island

Guided tour :Visiting all the essential spots on the south coast of Tokyo.

1From ¥12,300

A walk through Yanaka and Wagashi making into the heart of Tokyo

【Tokyo】 Discover traditional Tokyo, Making Japanese confectionery (w/souvenirs)

1From ¥13,200

Japanese tea picking and ancient Edo streets of Kawagoe

【Saitama】Tea leaves picking experience in Sayama & Kawagoe walking

1From ¥12,000

Hiking Mount Mitake and visit of a sake brewery.

【Okutama】Short hike to Mitake shrine & Sake tasting at a famous brewery

1From ¥12,000

Earthquake simulation and visit of traditional streets

【Tokyo】Educative anti-disaster experience & walking traditional places

1From ¥7,800