From the ancient imperial town, by train or by bus, we will head for a small fishing village called Ine. This village has plenty of little houses built along the bay, in a very quiet scenery. Here lives a population full of wisdom, in harmony with the ocean and whose houses are listed on the Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. It is one of the most beautiful villages of Japan. 


Ine is a little village of 2000 inhabitants located in the north part of Kyoto Prefecture, facing the Japan Sea. The houses of Ine are made with a very particular architecture, mixing garage for boats on their first floors and residential space on their second floors. We named it Funaya in Japanese which literally means boat house. These constructions are spreading over 5 kilometers along the bay. They are listed in the preservation district of group of traditional buildings of Japan, and Ine is known as one of the most beautiful villages of Japan.

The village looks like something out an animation movie with its stunning scenery. You will enjoy a guided tour into the narrow streets of the village, a visit of a funaya and a traditional boat ride. Moreover, we will show you a former fishing equipment called mondori. After saying goodbye to the local guide, we will enjoy a boat ride. If you are lucky, you will enjoy feeding the seabirds from the boat.


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