Furukawa’s sake

2018年 11月12日

Located 5 minutes from the main station, it is highly recommended to discover the Watanabe’s Sake brewery founded at the end of the 19th century in the little town of Furukawa.
This sake is known under the name “Hourai” by the inhabitants of Hida but also everywhere in Japan. Above all, the brewery is a old traditional building classified in the list of tangible cultural heritage.

In front of the brewery, a beautiful sculpture represents two men preparing this delicious nectar.
To make a good sake, it is necessary to have a quality water, and Furukawa, being near the waters of the northern Japanese alps, can only provide a good one.
And for the fans of the animated movie “your name”, notice that the brewery produces the same design that the sake we see in the movie, and after it released, the brewery sold more than 1200 bottles in only one day !