The autumn in Japan in 2019: the best spots by region from north to south

2019年 05月17日

In Japan each season has its beauty and those seasons transform little by little. If the cherry blossoms are beautiful, the autumn on the archipelago is a breathtaking. Colors of leaves ranging from orange, bright red momiji mixed with yellow ginko in harmony with beech, birch, mountain ash, larch inspire painters, writers and poets for centuries. Although subjective, here is a selection of recommended sites to admire for your next trip!

                                         Hokkaido end of October - beginning of November

Daisetsuzan National Park
This vast natural park north of Hokkaido at the end of October is strongly recommended to admire the nature during the autumn, especially in the Midoridake Mountain area where alpine flowers, and other flowers of meadows blend perfectly with the landscape little by little covered by the first snow. The hike is also recommended on the side of Kogen onsen fir and maple forests, or Sounkyo onsen momiji daki.

Northern wilderness landscape of Daisetsuzan National Park and its autumn flowers
Sounkyo onsen

North Tohoku mid-November

The region of Aomori, already beautiful late September with its covered landscapes of ablaze, it becomes sublime in mid-November with its whole forests of bright red momiji. The hike is recommended at the border of the Aomori and Akita prefectures at Lake Towada.
 Lake Towada 

South of Tohoku mid-November

Bandai Azuma skyline
A road of more than 25 kilometers reaching an altitude of 1622 meters, the bandai Azuma skyline is perhaps one of the most beautiful spots to admire the autumn in Japan, immersed completely in the middle of a gigantic multicolored forest bordering lakes and slopes mountainous Azuma volcano.
Bandai Azuma Line, Fukushima Prefecture

 Kanto - end of November

A must visit spot for the Koyo (autumn leaves), the surroundings of the city of Nikko, its temples, forests, lakes and waterfalls are very often at the top of the list. A stroll along Lake Chuzenji or in the sacred shrine of Toshogu is inevitable.
Lake Chuzenji also offers beautiful boat rides

Ibaraki - Fukuroda Waterfall
Different in each season, the Fukuroda waterfall becomes magical when autumn arrives. 120 meters high, it is made up of 4 floors where the white water flows with vividness and harmonizes perfectly with the bright red and yellow forests at the end of November.                                     
Chubu - end of November

The Japanese Alps - Kamikochi
Mist in the Kamikochi Valley in Nagano Prefecture

Karuizawa - Nagano
Kumoba pond surrounded by autumn leaves in Karuizawa (Nagano)

Lake Kawaguchiko - Mount Fuji view in autumn
Favorite place to admire Mount Fuji to be reflected on Lake Kawaguchiko and the beautiful natural tunnels of momiji.                                   
                                      Kansai - end of November

Kyoto is one of the most popular destinations in November to admire the autumn leaves surrounding the sumptuous temples and shrines. A little further, you can easily reach the ancient aristocratic village of Arashiyama, admire the river Hozu along the red forests, Arashiyama.
Kiyomizu-dera temple with Koyo in Kyoto
The Hozu River in Arashiyama

Minoo park Osaka
Right next to the city of Osaka, a beautiful park is adorned with beautiful colors during this season, this park is a must if you want to enjoy the  nature near the big city.
Cascade of Minoo Park in Osaka

Chugoku - end of November

Oni no Shitaburui (Shimane)
Exceptional mountainous gorge, this site is also highly recommended, a walk along the river offering beautiful autumn landscapes.

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle in Okayama
One of the best preserved castle in Japan, (only 12 have kept their original structure), this castle built in the 13th century is visible from an observatory located at the top of a mountain from which one can admire a real ocean of clouds through the forests.

Shikoku - end of November
Iya Valley (Tokushima)
Difficult to make a decision because Shikoku island is beautiful everywhere, everytime. Among hundreds of chices, we recommend the Iya Valley because of its magnificent geographical form and its vast forests. 

Kyushu - early December

Yabakei (Oita)
On the slope of the steep cliffs of Yabakei, autumn is the most wonderful season.
Hitome Hakkei Yabakei

Takachiho (Miyazaki)
The cradle of Shinto legends, the Takachiho Gorge offers a magical spectacle

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