"Kinkaku-ji", the gold pavilion of Kyoto

2019年 02月01日

At first, Kinkaku-ji temple was a villa owned by a wealthy lord of the 14th century. At his death, he was transformed into a temple according to the will of the deceased. The temple that we admire today is a reconstruction that dates from 1955. Indeed, it was burned by a monk who also tried to end his life when he set the fire. Its reconstruction is faithful to the original and it is still covered with gold leaf, which earned its name Kinkaku-ji, Kin means gold in Japanese.
The temple is built on a pond reflecting it beautifully, surrounded by a beautiful Japanese garden. This garden is a garden walk as the Japanese garden style of the Muromachi era. We stroll along the path lining the pond while admiring the beauty of the landscape. Kinkaku-ji temple is in perfect harmony with the nature that surrounds it.Click here for checking our suggestions of the excursions from Kyoto

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