Hilights of the 2nd day of the furukawa festival

2018年 12月13日

 floats parade & their installation on the placeAfter the intensity of the first evening, the atmosphere becomes totally different and the town fills with elegance. During this day, 9 parade floats with height 6 meters join together in the streets. Every float costs about hundred millions of yen and to see these majestics and luxurious floats lining up is a wonderful show. The visitors are charmed by the beauty of the floats decorated in many beautiful ways, and you will understand that those are no less impressives that the ones which parade during Takayama festival.
 Moreover, you will surely notice the sophisticated skills of Hida craftsmen, Hida no takumi in Japanese, while admiring wood engraving the meticulously done on each one. We could also see a special show of two floats. The first one is called “dragon float and the second one “Kirin float” (a kind of japanese imaginary animal) equipped with a Karakuri puppet (traditional puppet). The floats called “white tiger float” has a small stage on which children who wear costumes play the traditional Kabuki. This event is called “Kodomo Kabuki” Moreover, during the same day, you could admire the parade of the portable temple, the Mikoshi, and also the lion danse, shishimai. 

The illuminated floats parade during night timeIn the afternoon, the floats are brought back to their warehouses where they are decorated for the night time festival. In the evening, the floats decorated with lanterns parade in the street which is immersed in a totally different atmosphere.
Don't be shy to enjoy it completely until the end of the festival.
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