The crow castle : Matsumoto

2018年 11月28日

Matsumoto castle is maybe one of the most beautiful castles in Japan, rising 6 floors high, which is unique regarding the period of its building. Indeed, the castle was built between the end of the XVIth century and the beginning of the XVII th century. When you stand in front of the castle, you are wondered at its black walls giving it the name of “Crow castle” (Karasu-jô in Japanese). During the cherry blossom season, the colour of the castle is in a perfect harmony with the colour of the sakura (cherry trees). However, every season has its particular beauty and we can always admire the landscape of the japanese alps rugged mountains standing behind.

One of the advantages to visit the castle of Matsumoto  is that it is one of the only castle in Japan to still keeps its original appearance having been spared by wars, natural disasters, fires, and also when the government decided to destroy some castles in Japan due to  their expensive maintaining costs in the XIXth century. There are thousands of castles in Japan but only 12 conserving their original appearance. And Matsumoto castle is one of them. Moreover, its interior truly worth a visit to admire the architecture of the 6 floors, the ancient weapons, and the majestic view on the mountains and the city we can enjoy from its top. Concerning its color, it had been decided by the lord of Matsumoto, a former subject of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who painted the castle in black to honour his ambition.