Hida no Takumi Bunkakan (Takumikan Craft Museum)

2018年 11月20日

The art of carpentry is very old in Furukawa. Through generations, since the beginning of the 8th century, the carpenters of the region of Hida are pleaded everywhere in Japan, particularly in the historic capitals. Formerly, the craftsmen are named “Hida no takumi” and are true masters of carpentry with incredible architectural skills. They actually made the Takumikan museum without using any nail to support the whole structure. In the museum, you will discover different kinds of woodcraft techniques, ancient tools, and some others ingenuities of these renewed workers. Do not hesitate to go to the workshop of the museum where you could learn some of these unique techniques.

The craftwork is not just architecture but also the sumptuous art of wood engraving and sculpture making. The floats that parade during the Furukawa festival are proudly decorated with the marvellous  engraving made by these true artists.

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