Yokohama is a harbor city located only 30 minutes far from Tokyo by train.
With its magnificent alleys and parks, brick buildings with a modern Japanese vibe, and the round architecture of the skyscrapers respecting the harmony of the whole landscape, Yokohama has a lot to offer, going from the luxury boats docking in the big pier "Ōsanbashi-Pier" to the small and charming streets in the city center.

You can find in Yokohama everything that Tokyo has, but in a very unique and refined yet lively atmosphere.

As most tourist attractions are located around the Yokohama bay, why not do it on a bike?
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- Landmark Tower

The Landmark Tower has long held the record for the fastest elevator in the world with a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. 296 meters high with 69 floors, it is the highest 360° observation point of the port and of the city of Yokohama. There are many restaurants, a shopping center and a hotel.

- Akarengasōko - the red brick warehouses

With their unusual architecture for Japan, these warehouses, built in the early twentieth century, offer a iconic landscape to Yokohama. These former warehouses now operates as restaurants, bars, and shops, which makes them a perfect spot to wander around while admiring their beautiful architecture.
Many events are held in these warehouses: concerts, art exhibitions, the Yokohama beer festival in autumn, you can even practice ice skating in winter.


- Cupnoodles Museum

This museum pays tribute to the instant noodles, invented in 1958 by the Nissin Food Company. It is worth a visit, this playful museum offers a workshop in which you can create your own instant noodles from the ingredients to the design of the packaging. Then, you can stroll the Noodles Bazar, the perfect place to eat in an Asian night market atmosphere.


- Short boat ride from the port to Kirin Yokohama beer factory

This factory is one of the best known in Japan with the one in Fukuoka for lovers of the famous Japanese beer "Kirin". It is possible to combine a boat trip from the Minato Mirai district to reach the pier which gives direct access to the beer factory. The factory is a very fun to visit as you get to learn a lot about beer making, before eventually enjoying a beer tasting. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy Yokohama's kirin, which is still different from the other Kirin that you maybe already tasted in Japan. A small attraction with a virtual reality headset will immerse you in the fun journey of a can through the wheels of the factory. Here, more than 2000 cans are made by the minute.

- Chinatown de Yokohama

One of the most popular areas of the city, the Chinatown of Yokohama deserves a lot of attention. Its colorful streets and sculpted buildings are superb, you will find lots of inexpensive and delicious restaurants where you can savor the best Chinese and Japanese specialities. Do not miss the nikuman (Chinese buns stuffed with meat). Many small shops will offer you original souvenirs.

- The Sankei-en Garden

The vast Japanese garden of Yokohama is not to be missed. Beautiful and different in each season, in spring covered with sumptuous cherry blossoms; its pond is embellished in summer with lotus flowers, autumn transforms it into a multicolored garden with Kôyô (change of color of autumn leaves) and winter comes to flower its plum trees. While strolling in the garden, you will see beautiful buildings such as a 15th century three-storey pagoda imported from Kyoto. This garden belonged to a rich silk merchant until the middle of the 20th century whose huge and sumptuous house is to visit.

- The Yamate district

Neighborhood developed with the arrival of Westerners in the late nineteenth century, Yamate consists of many Western-style houses next to which the harbor view park offers a sublime view of the port of Yokohama and Yokohama bridge bay bridge. There is the shopping street of Motomachi, or Yokohama Christ Church. The colonial style in architecture can also be found in Yamate-hon-dori Street, with many residences such as the Spanish Villa Berrick Hall.


- The traditional district of Noge

Far from the skyscrapers, the district still retains the traditional atmosphere of the first decades of the Showa era. These charming streets are full of izakaya, bars, enough to spend a pleasant evening in the heart of the old Yokohama. In addition, Noge is since the 50s, the area of jazz music, and you will find many cafes concerts where enjoy this music. Throughout the year, Noge hosts many jazz festivals, especially during autumn, including the 'jazz promenade', or jazz good ondori in August.


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