Our Concept

Do you fancy an exceptional experience in Japan? So do we. To be fair, we live it every day and that is why Peak Experience exists. We know the difficulty of arriving in a new country where one do not speak the language, in which one cannot read either, and which information remains hidden from the tourist guides. This is why, far from the classic guided trips but always well supervised, we offer you different trips, in contact with the local culture, balanced between your freedom and the discoveries we want you to make in our Japan.

Why choose Peak Experience?


① We're a local agency

Our agency consists of Japanese and French, based in Tokyo and Naoshima, working together to make you discover the beauties of the archipelago. This plurality of views allows each of our itineraries to have a strong and distinct personality, each created with the personal experiences of our Travel Designers. Since we will be there, in Japan, during the whole duration of your trip, it will obviously be easier for you to contact us, and therefore to have a more present assistance than if you chose an agency based in your country.

② Our Original Itineraries

We create off the beaten path itineraries that will lead you to places of invaluable cultural importance that you would probably have a hard time finding by yourself. From one-day experiences to add to your journey to full itineraries, everything we build is for an in-depth discovery of the local culture. Whether it is our classic itineraries, which will take you to discover the beauty of Kyoto, the crazy rhythm of Tokyo or the magical sanctuaries of Miyajima, or our more specific itineraries, in the more remote areas of Japan with temples hidden in the mountains, dunes by the sea, we strive to show you an authentic Japan.

③ Professionnal customer service

Japan, a beautiful and different country, yes, very different indeed. In fact, the language is different, the culture is different, the writing is different, transportation works differently. It can be very difficult for you to find your way and communicate during your trip. This is why you will be able to reach us before and throughout your trip by email, phone or skype. Our agents, based in Tokyo and Naoshima, will make sure to be as reactive as possible and to assist you as well as possible according to your situation and to make your stay in Japan as fluid as possible.

*We can also offer you an optional pocket Wi-Fi rental service.

④ The best possible trip according to your budget

Our prices are calculated to be close to your budget while offering you unforgettable activities and quality accommodations. Our goal is to be as qualitative as possible, always attuned to your desires. That is why we make it a priority to elaborate with you your itinerary, to understand precisely your desires and the type of visit that interests you so that we can put our good addresses to the services of your trip to Japan.

⑤ Customize your trip

We create your journey with you and for you. That is why we offer you tailor-made itineraries according to the type of accommodation you want, from traditional inns to chic and design hotels, and to your own way of travelling, accompanied by one of our experts or by yourself, accompanied only by our travel diary. This tour can be complemented by one of the many experiences of a day or more that we have developed for you, discover tea culture, experience an earthquake simulation or discover contemporary architecture. Everything is to be created according to your desires!

⑥ Easy and secure credit card payment

All payments on our site are secured and go through an internal corporate platform. With us, your information will be protected to the maximum. You can pay using your Visa, Master Card, JCB or Amex card.

⑦ A customized travel book

We will create an accurate and elaborate travel book that we will give you personally upon arrival, or send to your hotel if it is impossible to meet. It will contain all the valuable information for your transport, your hotels and practical details, as well as our recommendations and suggestions so that you can make the most of your trip.

⑧ Passionate tour leaders and guides

Our tour leaders and guides will help you discover all the beauty of local culture through their on-spot experiences, and more than a speech by heart about the history of a place, it is inhabited by a real interest that they will provide you with the information you want. In fact, all of them having their interests and their personal history, whether Japanese or French, everyone has created with their own sensitivity unique experiences and itineraries that allow us each day to make you discover a little more about Japan.