Uno is a port city from which you can access to many of the art islands including Naoshima and Teshima, in the Seto sea. Uno prospered through its port that linked Honshu and Shikoku but after the Great Seto Bridge was built, the port activity quickly shrinked and the number of inhabitants also went down due to population ageing. Despite the fact that the Setouchi Triennale attracted a lot of tourists, very few of them stopped to visit Uno which is why a lot of young artists decided to create an art movement there to grant the town a second life through art.

What is striking when you arrive in Uno is its multicolored fish sculpture. The art piece, Uno no chinu, is a representation of a "Kurodai" fish (blackhead seabream in English) made from trash found in the sea. The materials used to create the piece are replaced every 3 years, and mostly come from gifts.  You can also discover an object called "Uno no Kochinu", associated with Uno no Chinu, that children can enjoy as ot is a selection of videos and pictures about art.

Uno also have another place where the town is meeting its new art life, it is called Ekihishisouko, or Minato Gallery. Dozens of people picked this place to open their atelier and exhibit their art everyday. Of course, you can first of all admire their arts, buy it, but also participate in workshops. Moreover, many artworks are displayed all around the port. As much as we are sure that you will enjoy Seto islands art, we warmly recommend you take a little time to enjoy Uno before you get in the boat.

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