Climbing the symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji

2019年 05月30日

Have you ever envisaged to climb the land of rising sun? Located only 100km of south-west of Tokyo, the Fuji san, 3776 m high, is like a guardian of Japan. In 2013, the mountain is classified in the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Today, it became an international one as 30% of climbers are not foreigners.

If you wish to observe the wonderful sunrise on the top of the volcano, you have to start the hiking during the night. Or if you rather wish to see the sunset, in that case, it is necessary to start climbing in the early afternoon.

During July, August, until the beginning of September, many different paths (Yoshida, Subashiri, Fujinomiya and Gotemba) of Mt. Fuji are open to the public. The route of Yoshida is the most famous one, the most visited and the simplest access with approximately 5 hours of walking to reach the summit.

The climbing of Mt. Fuji is not simple at all, and it requires the enourmous preparation of mental and also the good health condition. It is better to prepare also some equipments. Some basic materials are needed as follows:

  • You have to wear layers of clothing. The temperature can easily reach to the 0°C at the peak.
  • a wind breaker. The winds can be extremely cold.
  • a headlampe for the night climbling.
  • an  ultra light rucksac. Climbing the mountain is very hard and it is recommended that you do not bring the heavy weight on the shoulders.

In addition, since the eruption occured in September 2016 in the Mt. Ontake, the Japanese gouvernment highly recommends to the climbers to bring a helmet, the safety goggles, and also a dust mask.

If you wish, you can spend the night in Mt. Fuji during your climbing. Many small stations are built for eating and sleeping.

Recently, some free wi-fi hot spots are available in many locations of Mt. Fuji for the climbers remainning beeing connected.

Travelling to Japan and meet Mt Fuji!