Guided tours

This option is aimed at people that want to experience Japan but are unsure of all the things that they can see and do there once they have arrived – a tour aimed for the first-time visitor. It is a carefully selected collection of must-see places and cultural assets. Why not start your Japan experience from here?

Cherry blossoms and the highest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji (mistakenly known as Fujiyama), hundreds upon hundreds fairy-like vermillion Torii (gates leading to the main hall of the Shinto shrine) of the Grand shrine of Fushimi Inari in Kyoto... Countless people have already been seduced by the images of these places.

This tour is the representation of what Japan is – these very touristic spots inspire pride in Japanese people. To those with the "I really want to come visit Japan, but... what can I do when I get there?" sentiment, we would highly recommend this tour.

This itinerary is filled with places to see and we're sure that by visiting them, you will be left feeling nothing but satisfaction. So if you decide to return to Japan once again after experiencing this tour, we as your tour conductors will also feel quite thankful for that!