Suggested itineraries

These itineraries have been carefully created by our Travel Designers in order to bring you closer to the local culture while making you discover the most beautiful landscapes of the different Japanese regions. While we obviously offer to visit the country’s must-see, their interest being indisputable, we also give you the opportunity to discover a hidden Japan, freed from mass tourism. Developing historical, traditional, spiritual, natural experiences, in short true experiences is our priority, since we love the culture in which we live in and hope to be able to show it while preserving it. As we know that the secret of a successful trip lies in understanding your tastes but also and especially in being able to surprise you, and make your stay unforgettable, all our itineraries can be customized, built with you, for you. So, if you are not afraid of being disoriented, here are your future trips.

Why we recommend these itineraries :

  • These itineraries were created by our travel designers, living in Japan, according to their own experience. They will be able to assist you in French, English and Japanese.

  • These tours were all made to get you as close as possible to Japanese culture and they all include unique experiences.

  • More than a trip, it’s a real immersion in Japanese History and Culture that we offer.

  • Destinations off the beaten path, for those who are willing to get adventurous. 

  • We offer itineraries all year round, and we create new content according to local event

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​​​​​​​History, Art and Nature along the Seto Sea - 17 days

Naoshima and other islands, Bike on Shimanami road, Kyoto, Himeji, Miyajima
The Shimanami Kaido Cycling Road in the Seto Inland Sea

Mythical Japan : land of legends - 16 days

Tokyo- Izumo Shrine - Oki Islands - Sand Dune - Kyoto
Izumo Taisha in Shimane Prefecture

Essential heritage sites of Japan - 15 days

Tokyo - Mt.Fuji- Himeji castle - Hiroshima - Miyajima - Kyoto - Nara - tea village - Osaka
Mount Fuji at dusk reflecting in Kawaguchi Lake

The three summer festival of northern Japan - 8 days

Unique & authentic experiences - Discover unkown tradition, food & culture !

Hiking through Japanese History
15 days


Snow festivals of Tohoku and winter sports at Mount Zao from 8 days

Discover the charm of winter in Japan

Island hopping tour around in Setouchi - 10 days

Kyoto~ Himeji~Naoshima & other islands ~ Kurashiki ~ Miyajima ~ Hiroshima ~Osaka
Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin on Naoshima at dusk

Beautiful landscapes of mountainous region in winter - 9 days

Tokyo~Monkey park~Nagano~Matsumoto~Takayama~Shirakawago~Kanazawa~Kyoto

Traditional towns & Japanese Alps - 10 days

Tokyo~Monkey park~Nagano~Matsumoto~Kamikochi~Takayama~Shirakawago~Kanazawa~Kyoto

Naoshima Yacht Cruising & Shimanami Kaido Cycling
8 days

【Setouchi】Himeji castle, Naoshima,Shimanami kaido, Miyajima

Mount Fuji, the Japanese Alps and historic towns in winter - 8 days

Tokyo~Lake Kawaguchi~Matsumoto~Takayama~Shirakawago~Kanazawa~Kyoto

Mt.Fuji, Japanese Alps and historic towns - 9 days

Tokyo~Lake Kawaguchi~Matsumoto~Kamikochi~Takayama~Shirakawago~Kanazawa~Kyoto