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First of all, please select your desired tour.
Do you wish to make any personal arrangements for before and/or after the end of tour?

If your answer is „Yes“, please start reading from number 1.
If your answer is „No“, please start reading from number 3.

1. Arrangements for the individual parts of the tour
Imagine your perfect trip to Japan. Those images that you've envisioned are something that we value, so we would like you to share those ideas with us, your Tour leaders.
The places you want to go, the landscapes you would like to see, events you would like to be a part of. After all, we are all different in the sense that and we have our own ideas about what a perfect trip looks like.
Staying at favourite type of hotel, picking a tour guide, riding a courtesy car etc.
This can all be arranged in details according to your wishes. Elderly and those with need of a wheelchar can also rest assured, as we will make all the necessary preparations to accomodate your needs.

2. Changes to the itinerary and price estimation
By sharing your ideas and goals for the trip with your assigned Tour leader, together you might come to a conclusion that will be optimal for you. With the use of the web site and via e-mail exchange, you can create a deliberate plan for your perfect tour. The same assigned Tour leader will give you an insight into the itinerary, ways of travel during the trip, list of services you can use and rough estimate of the final price for the trip. One less thing to worry about!

3. The beginning of the travel arragements
First of all, we would like to ask of you to carefully review the tour details and have a look at the rough estimate of the final price (this part applies to those that have created a custom itinerary). If we recieve your consent, your assigned Tour leader will begin the preparation for the travel arrangements. We will ask for a deposit fee for the tour at this time. After the payment has cleared, travel arrangements will commence.

4. Confirmation of the tour details
We will send you the documents detailing your hotel accommodations along with other final details of the tour.
Of course, those that have previously made changes to the tour itinerary will be sent the particulars of the changes along with the final details of the tour.

5. Fine tuning of the itinerary and the payment of the remaining sum
At this point, for all those that originally wanted to make changes to the itinerary, we will be accepting requests for additional changes and putting them into effect accordingly (additional fees may apply).
We will also be expecting your payment of the remaining sum until 40 days before the departure.

6. Delivering the final itinerary and other necessary documents
One week before the departure, we will be sending you the final itinerary and the hotel vouchers via email, along with the list of emergency numbers and addresses you can use during the trip.
If you have any worries about the departure, feel free to consult with us!

7. The departure and support throughout the trip
Any time now, you will be setting out on a trip.
In order for you to have a smooth and enjoyable experience, we have assigned a Tour leader to suppport you along the way.
In the unlikely event of accident, your Tour leader will be there to provide you with all the help that you need.

8. Returning back home and the after-sales service
After returning back home, please let us know about the memories you've made during the trip – all the things that you've experienced, the emotions that you've felt.

A word of encouragement such as „It was a good trip!“ means the world to a Tour leader.

By listening to the thoughts and ideas of you, our valued customers, we will be able to further improve our services.

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