Cormorant fishing and the many places of Kanto/Chubu region

Points of the tour

The popular Takayama! Also, the tour to Shirakawagō and Kanazawa.

Hida Takayama (or simply Takayama) has become increasingly popular in the recent years thanks to its “Old Japan” atmosphere. Shirakawagō with its thatched roofs and one of the greatest sight-seeing area of the Hokuriku area - the city of Kanazawa, will also be a part of this tour experience.

Post-station towns of Nakasendo

Tsumago and Magome are almost completely unknown to the foreign traveller as they are quite difficult to access, but as the post-station towns along the road of Nakasendō route (this route was used to travel from Tōkyō to Kyōto back in the days), even nowadays, they still have a charming atmosphere of the “Old Japan” and it would be a shame not to see them.

But that’s not all!

We will also get to appreciate the traditional Japanese method of fishing through the use of cormorants (ukai). The fishing fires and the cormorant fisherman that skilfully operate the birds will surely leave you in awe of this age-old art.

Lastly, the wonderous illuminations set up in the background of the Inuyama castle elevate the mystery of the summer night even more.

Itinerary Cormorant fishing and the many places of Kanto/Chubu region
Gathering in Tōkyō
After the hotel check-in, we will go for a walk in the biggest city of Japan – Tōkyō.
The rows of skyscrapers, symbol of the modern Japan, rise high above the busy city streets and watch over everyone. At the Tōkyō Government Office in Roppongi Hills, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular night view.
Transfer to “Koedo” city of Kawagoe in Saitama prefecture via railway
Japan prides itself on its historical legacy through which the expression “Koedo” was coined.
“Koedo”, or the “The small Tōkyō”, is a term that applies to any town that has the familiar “Old Tōkyō” atmosphere to it, one of which is the city of Kawagoe in the neighboring Saitama.
This city sustained no damage in the Second World War, so some of its streets are left intact, just as those of the “Old Tōkyō”.

As we stroll around the town, you will get to see side streets selling candy, hear the bell that chimes every hour and maybe, by experiencing that kind of atmosphere, you will also come to feel the ghost of the “Old Tōkyō”! ♪

After enjoying some time here, we will be heading back to Tōkyō.
Transfer to city of Kamakura in Kanagawa prefecture via railway
Originally the seat of the Shogunate and of the Regency; as the place of political power in the Kamakura period, this area is filled with cultural assets. 

The Great Buddha of Kamakura's statue with over 10 meters in size, Japan's prominent and well visited Tsurugaoka Hachimangū (Shintō shrine dedicated to the tutelary god of warriors), the Houkokuji temple (also known as the „Bamboo Temple“, due to the fact that it's hidden inside the bamboo thicket) along with many other ancient temples in the vicinity waiting for you to discover.

We will be heading back to Tōkyō after we’re done exploring the area.
Transfer to city of Matsumoto in Nagano prefecture via railway
A tour of the representative castle of the eastern Japan, one of the National Treasures of Japan - the Matsumoto castle.
It’s surrounding landscape harmonizes beautifully with the castle itself, making it into a true piece of art.

Then we have the Kyūkaichi school, remnant of the times after the end of the samurai wars in Japan. This school built about 100 years ago, felt the first influx of the western culture and nowadays it has been turned into a museum.
Departing from Matsumoto in the morning and heading to the city of Nakatsugawa in Gifu prefecture via railway
Upon arrrival, we will be heading towards the post-station town of Tsumago via a private vehicle. As we enjoy this scenery of Kisōji (one of the roads of Nakasendō route), you will get to witness the miraculous nature of the Nezame No Toko gorge.

Coming to Tsumago, you will be presented with a delightful „Old Japan“ townscape. Just like the people in the olden days used to do, we will try to reach the neighboring post-station town of Magome by foot (we'll hike a little bit too!).

Magome is abundant with places to see and it has the same „Old Japan“ feel to it.

After enjoying it for a while, we'll be taking the private vehicle back to Nakatsugawa, and soon after the railway to city of Nagoya in Aichi prefecture.
In the morning hours, visit to one of the „Three Great Castles“ of Japan – The Nagoya castle

After enjoying the castle, we will be taking the railway and heading in the direction of the city of Inuyama in Aichi prefecture. Both Inuyama castle and the Joan traditional Japanese tea house are on the National Treasures of Japan list and we will have the privilege to see both of them here.

The evening will bring us closer to the main event: the famed cormorant fishing (ugai).
What's even better, we will be viewing it from up close!

The illuminations set up in the background of the Inuyama castle elevate the mystery of the castle and it feels almost as if you've stepped into a poem about the wonders of the summer night.
Please, enjoy this spectacular scenery before heading back to the hotel.

In the morning, transfer via railway to the city of Takayama in Gifu prefecture.

Upon arrival, we will have a stroll in the city of Takayama
There are numerous places of interest in the city of Takayama.
There is, for example, a precious old historic landmark here - remains of an encampment from Edo era inside the town's courthouse.

Also here, at a renowned Sakurayama Hachimangū shrine, you can see the Takayama festival twice a year, where a big „dashi“ (a parade float, exquisitely decorated in vivid colors with a shrine riding on top of it) is being pulled throughout the city by the festival goers.
Morning transfer to Shirakawagō via a private vehicle
Shirakawagō, one of the representative farm villages of Japan, lives its daily life surrounded by mountains. This picturesque place is unique and its atmosphere is quite different from other places in Japan, so we’re sure it will make a wonderful memory. 

After exploring Shirakawagō for a while, we will be heading towards Kanazawa.
The famed high society castle town in the Edo era, also known as the „Town of 1,000.000 Stones“ - the city of Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture.

One of the “Three Great Gardens of Japan” – the Kenrokuen, is located right here in the city of Kanazawa. It will surely captivate you with its beauties,

Also, here you can find a street with residences that belonged to samurais, street with tea houses and various other places that were a common scenery for the people back in the Edo era.
After enjoying Kanazawa to the fullest, we will conclude our time together.

Thank you coming with us on this trip!
We wish you a safe trip back home.

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Cormorant fishing and the many places of Kanto/Chubu region


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