Ninja, Samurai, Zen

Itinerary Ninja, Samurai, Zen
Day 1: Gathering in the city of Ōsaka

In the hotel that we will be staying at, we will shortly go over the itinerary once.
Ōsaka's Dōtonbori and Shinsekai parts of the town are quite impressive to be at during the night and will surely leave an lasting impression on you.
Night in Osaka hotel
Day 2: Visit to the Ōsaka castle

The experience of Samurai sword fighting and the visit to the breathtaking
Ōsaka castle.
Night in Osaka hotel
Day 3: The city of Iga in Mie prefecture, the birthplace of the Iga ninja school

We will be heading from city of Ōsaka to the city of Iga in Mie prefecture via the electric train. In Iga, we will visit the Ueno castle and the Ninja museum to learn something about the history of the place that is known as the birthplace of the Iga ninja school.

We will also be given a ninja outfit to wear
and taken for a stroll through the ninja village. In the museum of festival parade floats, we’ll be able to see some of the floats that were used for the local festivals.
Night in Iga
Day 4: Akame Shijuuhachi Taki (48 waterfalls of Akame), the training grounds of the ninja

Today, we’ll be going to Akame Shijuuhachi waterfalls via private vehicle. This beautiful valley
is a home to many waterfalls where the Iga ninja training has been taking place for centuries. You will also be able to experience it yourself by joining the ranks of ninja, if just for a moment!
Night in Iga
Day 5: Visit to the Kōga village in Shiga prefecture, the birthplace of the Kōga ninja school

Today, we will be going to K
ōga village in Shiga prefecture via a private vehicle. Here, we will have the tour of the Kōga ninja training grounds. In the past, Kōga ninja clan was known to be the rival to the Iga ninja clan.

After we
re done exploring, well head to our hotel in the city of Hikone via a private vehicle.
Night in Hikone
Day 6: The city of Hikone in Shiga prefecture and its magnificent Hikone castle

We will take a stroll through the city
of Hikone and make a visit to one of the National Treasures of Japan The Hikone castle

After we
re done with sightseeing, well be taking the boat to the sacred island on the Lake Biwa the Chikubu island.
Night in Hikone

Day 7: Transfer to city of Oumihachiman via electric train

The city of Oumihachiman has the unchanged atmosphere of the „Old Japan“, very much the same as it was in the Edo era of Japan. We're sure you will enjoy its natural beauties,

After some time here, we'll be heading to Fukui prefecture by the way of city of Maibara via electric train.
Night in Fukui
Day 8; Transfer to Eihei temple using the bus and the railway

Today, we will be able to experience the Buddhistic priest quarters, the chanting of the prayers and sleeping in resting chambers.
Night in Eiheiji Buddhist temple
Day 9: Transfer to The Maruoka castle and the Tōjinbō cliffs via private vehicle

Departing from Eihei temple, we'll visit the one of the twelve castles of Japan that still have their main tower intact (the so-called „existing tower“) - Maruoka castle. We will also head to the nearby Tōjinbō cliffs, the wonder of nature that will probably stay in your memories forever.
Night in Fukui
Day 10: Transfer to the city of Kanazawa in Ishikawa prefecture via electric train

For the conclusion of our tour, we will head to the Myōryūji temple, more popularly known as the „Ninja temple“. Although not associated with ninjas per se, the temple got its nickname due to its many deceptive defenses. Hidden tunnels, secret rooms, traps, and a labyrinth of corridors and staircases are some of the things that are set throughout the temple.

We will conclude our tour right here in the city of Kanazawa.

Thank you coming with us on this trip!
We wish you a safe trip back home.

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Ninja, Samurai, Zen


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