Time Travel – West Japan

Itinerary Time Travel – West Japan

Day 1: Gathering in Ōsaka

- The Present Japan -

If we were to name a symbol of the city of Ōsaka, it would probably have to be the Tsūtenkaku tower in the touristically famous Dōtonbori area.

Tsūtenkaku tower, famous for its gaudy, flashy neon lights (partially changed to LED lights in the recent years) will captivate you in an instant.

 Meals are not included for this day.


Day 2: Transfer to Nara

- Nara era Japan -

We will explore the famous tourist places of the city Nara:

- A visit to the Daibutsu (The Great Buddha statue that is just under 15 meters in height!) that made the Tōdai temple famous
- A visit to the Kasuga park in front of the Kasuga Great Shrine, a place where you can play around with deer inhabiting the area
- A visit to the Kōfuku temple, a UNESCO World Heritage monument, filled with National Treasures of Japan
- And many more interesting places!

After visiting all the famous tourist places, you will be given some free time to enjoy the city by yourself.

 Breakfast is included for this day.


Day 3: A morning bicycle ride to the Asuka village

- Asuka era Japan -

We will be riding our bicycles to the old capital city of the ancient Japan, the current day Asuka village. Here, you will be able to see a great number of historic remains that were preserved:

- In the Asuka temple, you will be able to view the oldest statue of Great Buddha in Japan
- A visit to the old Tachibana temple, a temple linked to the Prince Shōtoku of the Asuka era
- Viewing the ancient burial mound of Ishibutai, Takamatsuzuka and various others. These historic sites, even in the modern-day rural settings, give out the vibe of the good old days of Japan!

 Breakfast is included for this day.


Day 4: A day trip from Nara to Kyōto

- From the Heian era to the Muromachi era Japan -

Before heading out, we will be sending our luggage to our hotel in Okayama.

In order to avoid the busy streets of Kyōto, we have devised a plan that will help us to move around the city smoothly; namely, we will be riding bicycles from a place to a place:

- To the Kiyomizu temple, famous for its wooden stage that juts out of the main hall

- To the Kinkakuji temple (officially Rokuonji), the Golden Pavilion of Kyōto
- To the Ryōanji temple, famous for its Zen garden
- And many other fascinating places!

Among these, you are sure to find a shrine or a temple that will pique your interest! ♪

After enjoying Kyōto to the fullest, we will be making our way back to Nara.

 Breakfast is included for this day.


Day 5: After the hotel check-out, transfer to the city Kobe in Hyōgo prefecture

- Meiji era Japan -

In the Meiji era, there has been an influx of the Western cultures, and this fusion is quite obvious in the port cities in Japan.

Even today, the Kitano district of Kobe has a lot of Western structures that withstood the test of time.
Kobe is also a host to the Chinese district, rarely seen in Japan, making this city a melting pot of different cultures which in turn makes it quite a popular place to visit.

After we’ve done exploring Kobe, we will head to the most popular castle in Japan - the Himeji castle. This castle was being built since the end of the Warring States era (1467. – 1568.) and all they way through the Edo era (1603. – 1868.). Because of its uncommon and beautiful white visage, it has been dubbed the “White heron castle”.

After the viewing of the castle, we will head towards Okayama prefecture.

 Breakfast is included for this day.


Day 6: Transfer to the city of Takahashi in the Okayama prefecture via a private vehicle

- From the Warring States period to the Edo era Japan -

We will first be visiting the Fukiya district of the city of Takahashi, which had its start as a mining part of the city. The roof tiles, along with plastered walls of the houses, are quite unusually colored in rouge.

Following the rouge road will take us to the castle in the skies: the Bicchū Matsuyama castle. This castle is known in Japan as one of the „12 castles of Japan with the existing castle tower“. Being located on a part of 400m high mountain, the view from it is unparalleled!

- Nara era Japan -

We will also come to visit the remains of the Bicchūkokubunji temple, a beautiful five-stories pagoda temple. Soaking up the rural landscape that has been approximately unchanged for 1300 years (except for the seasonal changes that are truly exceptional), you will come to understand why Japanese people consider this place to be one of the representative places of Japan.

After that, we will be returning to the city of Okayama.

 Breakfast is included for this day.


Day 7: The morning sightseeing of the city of Okayama

- Edo era Japan -

We’ll be making a visit to the places left over as a legacy of the Edo era: the Okayama castle and one of “The Three Great Gardens of Japan”, the Kōrakuen.

Afternoon, we’ll head to city of Kurashiki via a private vehicle.

The rows of the houses with pure white “namako walls” (one of the Japanese styles of the house wall construction; white grid pattern on black slate, reminiscent of the namako – the sea cucumber) and the beautiful canal going straight through the middle of the city, make for a perfect place of relaxation.
After we've enjoyed exploring the city, we will head to Hiroshima prefecture via Shinkansen (bullet train).

 Breakfast is included for this day.


Day 8: Morning transfer via ferry to one of the “Three famous sights of Japan” - the Miyajima island (officially Itsukushima island)

- Heian era Japan -

The Ōtorii (the great Shintō shrine archway) by which Itsukushima shrine is famous for, is usually one of the highlights of the tour for the travellers.

Today we will slowly explore this beautiful, sacred island of Itsukushima. From the Misen mountain, located in the very middle of the island, you can enjoy Itsukushima island in its full glory.

After we have finished strolling around the island, we will be making our way the city of Hiroshima

 Breakfast is included for this day.


Day 9: A visit to the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Park

- The Second World War Japan -

We will head to the unavoidable Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Park in the city of Hiroshima.

After paying our respects to the victims of the bombing and praying for peace, we will conclude our tour.

Thank you coming with us on this trip!
We wish you a safe trip back home.

 Breakfast is included for this day.

Approximate arrangement price (For one individual, excluding the price of the plane ticket)

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The details and terms of the tour:

- This tour starts in the city of Ōsaka and concludes in the city of Hiroshima.
- If you have any kind of special wishes or requirements you would like for us to arrange before and/or after the end of the tour, please contact us directly to arrange the details.
- Due to the fluctuation of the foreign money exchange market, the final fee of the tour might also change, accordingly.
- There is a possibility that the hotel room might change from a standard twin to a double room.

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