Lodging in the priest quarters of the Buddhist temple (departing from Tokyo - one night, two days)

Points of the tour

The experience of lodging in the temple’s priest quarters

The temple priest quarters are quite a special place to be staying at. This beautiful landscape protected by the mountains and the temple in the middle will surely become one of your special once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The little pastoral town next to the big city

We will be strolling through the city of Chichibu which is not all that known to the foreign visitors, but it is sure worth visiting as it will make you feel like you’ve teleported into a fairy tale through its charming, idyllic landscape.

Itinerary Lodging in the priest quarters of the Buddhist temple (departing from Tokyo - one night, two days)
Transfer by the electric train:

Ikebukuro station → Seibuchichibu station → Mitsumineguchi station

Arriving to Mitsumineguchi station on the working days ↝ 15:29h
Arriving to Mitsumineguchi station on the weekend or during the holidays ↝ 15:36h

Arrival to Taiyou Buddhist temple.

16:00h = Copying sutras by hand (optional, recommended)
17:00h = Enjoying the open-air hot bath
18:15h = Chanting sutras (optional)
19:15h = Dinner (orthodox vegetarian dinner eaten in Buddhist temples)

Before retiring to bed, if the weather is good, we’ll be able to enjoy the sky full of stars.
06:45h = Chanting sutras (optional)
07:15h = Zen meditation (optional, recommended)
08:30 = Breakfast (orthodox vegetarian breakfast eaten in Buddhist temples)
10:00h = Check-out

From the Mitsumineguchi station, we will be heading to Ohanabatake station where we will have a simple sightseeing of the city of Chichibu.

From the Seibuchichibu station, we will head back to Ikebukuro station in Tōkyō.

We will conclude our two days experience at Ikebukuro station.

Thank you coming with us on this trip!
We wish you a safe trip back home.

Approximate arrangement price (For one individual, excluding the price of the plane ticket)

シーズン 1名でご旅行 2名でご旅行 3名でご旅行 4名でご旅行

The details and terms of the tour:

¤ Items included in the price ¤

- Expenses from Ikebukuro station to Mitsumineguchi station
- Lodging expenses for the Taiyō Buddhist temple
- Meal expenses specified in the itinerary

¤ Items not included in the price ¤

- Expenses to the point of the start of the tour (Ikebukuro station in Tōkyō)
- Meal expenses not specified in the itinerary
- Other non-specified entrance fees
- Airplane ticket

Required participants:

2 名

Application deadline

1 日前

Things to note:

- This tour starts in Tōkyō (Ikebukuro station) and concludes in Tōkyō (Ikebukuro station).
- Depending on the availability of the rooms in the Buddhist temple, it might not be possible to arrange the tour on the requested date

Lodging in the priest quarters of the Buddhist temple (departing from Tokyo - one night, two days)


Open from Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00

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Question 3: You will be assigned the hotel standard twin room (sometimes a standard double room).

Room type:

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