Shugendo - Spiritual practice under the waterfall (departing from Tokyo, day trip)

Itinerary Shugendo - Spiritual practice under the waterfall (departing from Tokyo, day trip)
07:30h - Gathering in Tōkyō (Shinjuku station)
07:44h - Departure from Shinjuku station via electric train
08:48h – Arrival to Musashi Itsukaichi station
09:00h – Departure from Musashi Itsukaichi station and heading towards Kazuma region via the bus
09:56h – Arrival to Kazuma region

After the arrival, we will be heading towards the waterfalls to experience the spiritual training of meditation under the cold waterfall stream. On our way back, we'll stop by the Kazuma hot springs (onsen) to warm up our chilled bodies. Also, we will have a delicious lunch here, prepared with the fresh, local ingredients.

After the end of the programme here, we'll be taking the bus and the electric train back to Tōkyō.

14:51h – Departure from Kazuma region
15:45h – Arrival Musashi Itsukaichi Station in Tōkyō
15;55h – Departure from Musashi Itsukaichi Station
17:11h – Arrival to Shinjuku Station

Returning to Shinjuku station will be the end our tour.
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Shugendo - Spiritual practice under the waterfall (departing from Tokyo, day trip)


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