Time Travel - East Japan

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The very best of the tourist attractions of the East Japan!

Tōkyō, Nikkō, Kamakura, Yamagata, Hiraizumi, Matsushima. These are just some of the representative names of the eastern Japan that we will get to explore from the top to the bottom.

This itinerary somewhat differs from the standard we will not be heading for Kinki region (Kyōto, Nara) in search of the historical remains, but then again, this only means you will get to see more amazing places, rich in history, that you perhaps didn't know existed at all!

To the hot springs, actively!

On the top of the Haguro mountain in Yamagata prefecture, there is a mountain temple. This temple is quite hard to climb, but the sense of accomplishment you will feel after climbing it to the top and the view from above are incredibly rewarding.

Afterwards, let's enter the hot springs (onsen) and wash away all of our fatigue! ♪

Itinerary Time Travel - East Japan
- The scenery of the Present-day Japan -

In the hotel that we will be staying at, we will shortly go over the itinerary once.
The representative megapolis of the world, Tōkyō, is not only awe-inspiring during the day, but during the night as well.
The city's nightscape is something that is quite worth experiencing for yourself.
- The scenery of the Edo era Japan -

Nikkō Tōshōgū Shintō shrine and Nikkō Futarasan Shintō shrine, both being listed on UNESCO World Heritage list, are just some of the incredibly appealing historical remains in the area. Brilliantly luxurious doors (Yōmeimon) leading to the Tōshōgū shrine, the world famous „Three monkeys“ carving, the „Sleeping cat“ carving along with other decorations, make this place worth visiting probably more than once.

All around the city, you can find a great number of traditional Japanese restaurants and souvenir shops. Here, in a place where nature and civilization live in harmony, you are invited to spend one carefree day exploring,

In the evening, we will be moving from Nikkō back to Tōkyō.
- The scenery of the Kamakura era Japan -

And now, Kamakura!
Kamakura was the first place of political power in Japan created by samurais (the Shōgunate). You can still see a lot of Zen Buddhist temples that withstood the test of time.
Kamakura’s Great Buddha statue, Hase temple, Engaku temple, Kenchō temple are only some of the places of historical value that you’ll be able to enjoy here fully.
We will head back for Tōkyō in the evening.
Today, we’ll be taking a stroll in Yamagata city. Even though Yamagata is a part of the northern Japan, it is one of the leading prefectures in Japan by the amount of cooking ingredients production. You will surely be able to find your favorite dish here, in the city of Yamagata
Deep in the forest lies a five-storied pagoda, one the prominent beauties of Japan
We would also suggest climbing the summit to everyone equipped with some courage and stamina. It's a long climb and a long descent, but it's worth every step! (2446 of them, to be exact!
- The scenery of the Taishō era Japan -

The hot springs (onsen) street where you can find the Ginzan onsen is quite unusual, as it keeps the same atmophere that it had back in the Taish
ō era (the beginning of the 20th century). We will spend this day eating delicious food and carefreely enjoying the hot springs.

After enjoying this place to the fullest, we will head back to the city of Yamagata
On our way to Sendai, we’ll stop by one more mountain Buddhist temple. This one has the longest history in Yamaguchi prefecture, it is sitting on a mountain top and it takes about 1000 steps to climb it. Let’s give it our best to the top! 😊
- The scenery of the Heian era Japan -

Back in the Heian era, the town of Hiraizumi was made into a capital city and ruled over by the
Ōshū Fujihara clan

Once known as the "Golden country", the Ch
ūson temple's Golden Pavillion is truly one of those places you do not want to miss here.

Last, but not least, the garden around M
ōtsū temple is one the rare examples of the garden built in the so-called „Pure Land “ style that was used back in Heian era. This garden building style had a goal to make you ponder the transience of the human world.

We’ll take the small excursion boat to Matsushima archipelago, one of the “Japan’s Three Famous Sights”.

We’ll come to visit places like Godaidō temple, Zuigan temple and various other historic remains.

After enjoying this place to the fullest, we’ll head back to
Tōkyō via Sendai.

Returning to Tōkyō will conclude our tour.

Thank you coming with us on this trip!
We wish you a safe trip back home.

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Time Travel - East Japan


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